Cambridge City Council Meeting: Transit Priority Orders

Join LivableStreets on Monday and tell Cambridge City Councillors you support transit priority on our streets by speaking up in support of two important orders.

You can sign up by phone from 9am-3pm on Monday at 617-349-4280 or in-person at City Hall between 5pm-6pm.

Click here to read Policy Orders 34 and 35, being voted on at the meeting. Key talking points for you include:

  • Thank the city for conducting the bus delay study last year but urge them not to let the study sit on the shelf! An implementation plan is needed.
  • The 1992 Vehicle Trip Reduction Ordinance (VTRO) requires the city to “make more efficient use of mass transit, bicycling, walking, and other alternatives to drive-alone trips.”
  • Traffic signals in Cambridge are not interconnected but low-cost technology is available that would allow MBTA buses to communicate directly with our traffic signals and allow for transit priority through congested intersections. Queue-jump lanes and bus priority lanes are other tools that should be used.
  • Improving bus service will make it a more attractive option for more people and benefit those who rely on public transit to get around our city.
  • Cambridge prides itself on being a leader in policies and programs supporting walking and bicycling. Now, it’s time for Cambridge to do its part in improving bus reliability and efficiency.

Learn more about our work on transit priority, and join us on Monday.


Matt Carty

Will you come?