Virtual StreetTalk resources

From the Beltway to the Bay State

Walk This Way

Keep Transit Moving

Housing, Density, and Transit

StreetTalk: From the Beltway to the Bay State

Wednesday, April 22nd

Read the $2 trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill

T4A Report: Lessons from the 2009 Stimulus

Rep. Pressley’s website announcement of the Future of Transportation Caucus

Transportation & Climate Initiative

Transportation for America

A Green New Deal for Transportation

StreetTalk: Walk This Way

Wednesday, April 29th

64 Hours report

LatinoUSA podcast on Chelsea and COVID rates

GreenRoots Chelsea

Announcing the Future of Transportation Caucus


Untokening: Mobility Justice & Covid-19

Supporting the transportation needs of essential workers

CMAP essential workers data

Coal plant demolition in Chicago

Open streets in Oakland

Nelson\Nygaard Principles for Equitable Engagement

Brookline open streets plan

Open Streets, Shared Streets, Healthy Streets

Free fare programs around the country

Vision Zero Coalition Statement: Keeping people safe while making essential trips during COVID-19 crisis

Advocates call for transit agencies to prioritize racial equity in Covid-19 response

Transit systems shouldn’t return to pre-Covid-19 service - they can do better

StreetTalk: Keep Transit Moving

Wednesday, May 6th

MBTA bus ridership numbers during stay-at-home advisory

MBTA COVID-19 cases among employees

Rapid Adaptation to Rapid Change: An Interview with SFMTA’s Jeff Tumlin

Information about Jakarta’s public transit system

Post-Pandemic, Chinese Cities Gradually Reopen Transport Networks

MBTA and emergency federal funding

Better Buses, Better Cities

Current status of the MA 2021 budget

Getting Boston on Board report

A definition of complete neighborhoods

What is a food desert

City of Boston COVID-19 info page

64 Hours: Closing the Bus Equity Gap report

The Choice vs Captive Transit Rider Dichotomy is All Wrong

Go Boston 2030 report on the City of Boston’s progress towards more equitable and sustainable travel choices

To Build a Better Bus Lane, Just Paint It

The next generation of bus lanes is coming to Greater Boston

A Street is a Terrible Thing to Waste: Boston’s Newest Bus Lane

Boston Area Bus Pilots Move Region Closer to BRT

LivableStreets’ policy priorities

Free the Bus

StreetTalk: Housing, Density, and Transit

Wednesday, May 13th

Great Neighborhoods and LivableStreets Join Forces

Great Neighborhoods


Sasaki Foundation

Thomas Jefferson, Epidemics and His Vision for American Cities

Cambridge Councilors Vote to Close Memorial Drive to Cars

Cities Close Streets to Cars

Boston eyes turning roads into walkways, bus and bike lanes during coronavirus crisis

Pandemic turns birthday party into a drive-by celebration

The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2019

The state of zoning for multi-family housing in greater Boston

How to Block Multi-Family Housing, Boston-Style

The Racial Segregation of American Cities was Anything but Accidental

COVID-19 Puts Structural Racism on Full Display

64 Hours report

White America is quite self-segregating

Accessory dwelling units: what they are and why people build them

Accessory Dwelling Units Additional Dwelling Units Accessory Dwelling Units

Bar Owners Launch a “Survival” Coalition to Support Boston’s Black-Owned Restaurants through COVID

“Third places” as community builders

It’s time to take back third places What is Affordable Housing?

Rent Control Brings Big Crowd to State House

Housing activists push for return of rent control

Regional Rail: Modernizing Commuter Rail

Greater Boston Anti-Displacement Toolkit

Why we need reparations for Black Americans

Nubian Square Needs City-Led Strategy, Report Says

Are Crowded Cities the Reason for the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus and Paid Leave: Can Massachusetts Workers Afford to Say Home Sick?

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