Transportation Fair: Forest City / University Park

The event will be held from 12:00 to 2:30 on July 22 in the University Park Common on Sidney Street. Chairs and tables will be provided for vendors. While we usually have good weather for this event, there is a tent set up in case of inclement weather (or in case you don't want to get a tan). You can use 49 Sidney Street as an address to get there, or the link above.

Forest City will be able to validate parking; if you need parking please let me know so that we can provide them with a number of spaces necessary. There is ample space to load and unload adjacent to the event. It is also a short walk from the Red Line in Central Square, and there is an EZRide Shuttle stop at the event if you're coming from Kendall (let us know if you use EZRide and we can send you a ticket or reimburse your bus fare).

Please RSVP by July 15.