Think Link: Design Implications of The North-South Rail Link

Join panelists Governor Michael Dukakis, distinguished professor of political science at Northeastern University; Brad Bellows, architect; and Andy Monat, civic outreach director at TransitMatters, along with  the BSA Infra\techutre Committee for a panel discussion exploring the engineering, economic, design opportunities and challenges of the North-South Rail Link.

Since its inception, Boston's rail network has been bifurcated North and South, preventing seamless connectivity between commuter rail and the subway in the downtown core, and thwarting the creation of a regional rail system in the greater metro area.

The North-South Rail Link, proposed in various iterations since the early 1900s, represents the key to unlocking the full potential of Boston's rail network, transforming a segregated series of radial spurs into a cohesive transportation network. Central to this project is the creation of expanded North and South Stations, with deep platforms allowing transfers between Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, the Commuter/Regional Rail Network, and Subway Lines. The design of these stations represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a truly civic, iconic new gateway to Boston and the larger metropolitan region.

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