Carpooling in the Digital Age; Swiping Right to Share the Ride

Thanks to the introduction of modern technology, the commuting experience within the greater Boston region has dramatically shifted towards efficient and transparent solutions. Commuters now expect real-time information displays on subway arrivals, can track busses from the comfort of the corner store, are able to check out a shared bicycle spur of the moment or even monitor traffic conditions so as to make last second adjustments to driving routes. One mode that has yet to experience this high-tech influence in Metro Boston is peer-to-peer carpooling.

Imagine the potential to reduce drive alone vehicle trips if commuters could decide hours to minutes in advance if they wanted to carpool and be matched with a rider traveling a similar route. No long-term relationship, no need for pre-planning; simply filling an empty seat in a vehicle that is traveling the same direction you are.

Interested in learning more? Join for a panel discussion with the leading creative tech companies in this space. Panelists include:

To learn more about the event and to RSVP click here. This event is hosted by A Better City TMA, Allston Brighton TMA, Charles River TMA, and NorthEase Consulting Group.