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Steve fondly remembers the debates that were had over what to call this newly forming transportation urbanist group... it was LivableStreets Alliance that stuck. Steve is no stranger to new initiatives and board participation, having served on the State’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, TechBoston Academy, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), Consortium for School Networks (CoSN), and Grassroots International (GRI). Steve is co-founder of the Emerald Network and Boston's annual Hub On Wheels Bike festival. He has published four books on public policy and writes regularly for his blog “The Public Way: Transportation, Health, and Livable Communities” hosted on the LivableStreets website. He is excited to see significant progress being made on the Emerald Network, and will continue to help push for quick and effective implementation of updated transportation policies. He believes that transportation is a key leverage for healthier communities and a way to address institutional inequities. Steve lives in Cambridge, MA and is an active grandfather of two. He enjoys biking, backpacking, and gardening.

Steve says: LivableStreets is special because of the breadth of its vision, its inclusiveness, its amazing volunteer network, and its effectiveness at winning improvements for both policies and facilities. 

Steven Miller 2092sc

Steven Miller