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MBTA better prepares for winter season

"There has been, and rightfully so, a tremendous amount of focus on the breakdown of the transit system in Boston during the winter of 2014-2015. I think sometimes what falls to fray is that it wasn’t just a breakdown of the transit system. There were sidewalks that weren’t shoveled. There were lots of bike lanes that weren’t clear and weren’t safe." - Stacy Thompson, Deputy Director of LivableStreets

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Rally in Boston remembers victims of road crashes

"Safety is a communal responsibility, the group said — shared among motorists, bikers, and pedestrians." November 3, 2015 pdf_image.png

A new plan would connect the Boston area’s biggest bike and walking paths

“Safe, accessible, off-road paths and their low-traffic stress connections are simply a better way to get around the city" - Jackie Douglas, Executive Director of LivableStreets

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Bus Rapid Transit studied anew for Hub

“'Transit is the life blood of the city,' said Jackie Douglas, executive director of LivableStreets Alliance and a member of the BRT Study Group. 'This was an opportunity to deep-dive into one option for transportation across the region.'”

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Biking in Boston, Seriously: Comm Ave improvements promise a safer commute

Click through to watch Jackie Douglas, our Executive Director and BU alum, in the accompanying video.

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Initiative seeks to connect greenway paths in Greater Boston area

“Boston has a historic legacy of greenways and linear parks, which we appreciate,” said [Project Manager Amber] Christofferson. “But our current systems could be better connected to continue work that has been done for 100 years.”

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Group has a goal: A regional path network that would let you walk or cycle from the Fellsway to the Neponset

Universal Hub links to WBUR's article "Cambridge Nonprofit Seeks to Connect 200 Miles of Paths" from September 12.

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Plan seeks to link 200 miles of local pathways

“ “We’re excited by Livable Street’s Emerald Network initiative,” [Boston Chief of Streets Chris] Osgood said. 'It’s a perfect pairing with Boston’s Green Links project — a plan to provide walking and biking connections for all residents to Boston’s largest parks. The Emerald Network takes Boston’s local plan to scale in the region. It sets a vision for connecting our communities, improving mobility and increasing access to this region’s parks. We look forward to continuing our work with them on this effort.' "

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Cambridge Nonprofit Seeks To Connect 200 Miles Of Paths

“ 'Years of thinking and research and collaboration have gone into what these connections might look like and where they should be,' [Deputy Director Stacy Thompson] said. 'We are talking about something that is around us already.' "

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Press Release: Visionary New Initiative to Connect 200 Miles of Metro Boston Greenways Debuted by LivableStreets Alliance

“ 'With the power of the network, this will knit our growing city together without adding more cars to our roads,” said land use attorney Matthew J. Kiefer, co-founder of the Emerald Network."

“ 'The Emerald Network vision grows out of our region's fabulous heritage of multi-use parks, building on our existing portfolio of over 100 miles of parkland paths to create a 200 mile web of connection,' stated Steven E. Miller, Emerald Network co-founder."

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Car commuting declines slightly in Greater Boston, report finds

“It’s not that people are giving up driving. It’s a shift in people wanting more than one way to get there.”

[Stacy] Thompson said the Boston area has some infrastructure, such as bicycle lanes and walking paths, that encourages alternate modes of commuting.

“You’re seing [sic] an uptick because this infrastructure is in place, but it’s not complete,” she said. “If we upped the ante on this infrastructure, you’d see an explosion of people making more choices about their own mobility.”

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How To Make Boston’s Roads Safer For Bikes, Cars

The number of people using bicycles to get around the city is on the rise. But, in the last five years, more than a dozen people were killed biking in Boston. Most recently, 38-year-old Anita Kurmann died in a collision with a truck in Boston’s Back Bay. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

But a new report from the Centers for Disease Control finds that, nationwide, the number of cyclist deaths involving a vehicle have decreased overall. But that’s not so satisfying for bikers, drivers, or politicians and transportation planners. So, how can the roads become safer for everyone?

Guests: Jackie Douglas, Professor Peter Furth

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Death toll mounts for bicyclists on Boston’s streets

"Finding and fixing a few hot spots is only the beginning, said Jackie Douglas, executive director of the LivableStreets Alliance, a community advocacy group. Changes need to be made throughout the city, and quickly, she said. 'It’s not just about identifying the worst intersection, fixing it, and saying you’re done.'"

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Imagine a Boston with just a fifth as many cars

"It doesn't matter what [mode of transportation] you're taking," said Thompson. "What remains the same is that there's a city full of people and they're all just trying to get somewhere." - Stacy Thompson, Deputy Director of LivableStreets

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Area could benefit from more bus rapid transit, report says

“We could move so many more people efficiently and effectively throughout the region,” she said. “Boston is prime because we have the demand and we have the density to support it.” - Jackie Douglas, Executive Director of LivableStreets

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Group Asserts Bus Rapid Transit May be Key to Help Meet Greater Boston’s Increasing Transit Needs

“To really understand BRT’s potential, you need to erase all notions of what a bus is today. It's an entirely new approach to rapid transit with a proven track record for moving more people, more efficiently.” - Jackie Douglas, Executive Director of LivableStreets

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Cambridge's car-sharing proposal means less noise and more parking

"The 31 percent of Cambridge households who do not own cars deserve better access when they occasionally need it, and those of us who own a car will benefit, too. Every car-share spot will lead to lower parking demand, reduced traffic, lower emissions, cleaner air around our homes and playgrounds, and a more livable neighborhood." — Steve Miller, LivableStreets board and Cambridge resident, and Chris Taylor, LivableStreets Advocacy Committee and Cambridge resident 

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DiCara is wrong about Boston buses

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 Demand-based parking rates could be answer to scarce spaces, resources 

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Bicycle commuters pedal on, despite snowy weather

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MBTA rage can't melt

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Advocates Petition Baker for More MBTA Funding

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Boston has right idea in expanding car-sharing services

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We all suffer when Boston residents can't find a place to park