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Bike advocates, city officials talk about Comm. Ave construction plans

“Jeffrey Rosenblum, president and cofounder of the LivableStreets Alliance, said including bikes in the construction plans is important because the mode of transportation is increasing in prominence in the city. ’Car volume on the street is dropping. Pedestrian activity, people walking, is increasing by 80 percent,' he said during the meeting. 'Bicycling has more than doubled since the bike lane was put on a section of Comm. Ave. Since 1964, we keep breaking records for MBTA [Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority] ridership.’”

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Boston bikers urge City to build cycle track on Comm. Ave.

“Commonwealth Avenue has the highest rate of collisions per the amount of bicycling anywhere in the city of Boston, and it’s right in the heart of a major university,” said Jeffrey Rosenblum, advocacy director and co-founder of LivableStreets, a local transit safety group. “If you’re going to do separated bike lanes somewhere, this is where you want to do them.”