Peter Cheung


If it’s the second Friday of the month, you can be sure you’ll find Peter Cheung at Boston Bike Party. As a core member of the organizing team, Peter helps make sure that the hundreds of participants stay safe and have a blast every month. Peter says, “I always love it when people come up to me and say how they love coming to Boston Bike Party because they learn new routes and ways to get around town from our rides. Because of this we always plan our routes so we explore new neighborhoods and different party stop locations. Many acquaintances claim they’ve actually never seen Peter in anything else but his Day-Glo bike outfit. 


Connecting with the LivableStreets community was a natural fit for Peter. He’s one of our members whose passion for riding a bike led to a strong interest in advocating for safer streets and protection for vulnerable road users. When it comes to Vision Zero in Metro Boston Peter thinks we should follow the Europeans’ lead “...where the size and weight of the vehicle should be considered when it comes to who has priority, from lightest to the most heaviest.”

One of Peter’s favorite memories is of leading the Tour de Streets urban ride in 2016. He says, “I turned around and looked back and saw a  large group of diverse people on the ride, all smiling and having fun. I love this community.”


Although Peter is sidelined this year with a broken ankle, he encourages people to come out and participate: “There is some real good work being done in and around the city of Boston for cyclists and pedestrians by many organizations like LivableStreets, Boston Cyclists Union, WalkBoston, and Mass Bike.Tour De Streets gives everyone the opportunity to see and experience this good work.”


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