Newton-in-Motion Visioning Workshop & Open House

Visit the “Newton-in-Motion” open studio, and take part in visioning the City’s future. This free event, held at 275 Needham Street (Marshall’s plaza) on February 4, 5 and 6, will be fun and interactive and will offer opportunities to discuss goals and priorities for the City’s Transportation Strategy. Activities include a games table, a giant map of the City for sharing ideas, transportation questions, and a chance to talk to City staff and consulting planners, Nelson\Nygaard. Kids are welcome and encouraged to participate! For those unable to attend, the project website offers the same activities and opportunity for input. 

Open house: Thursday and Friday 10am - 7pm; Saturday 9am-12pm. 
Presentations will be at 12pm Thursday, 6pm Friday, and 10am Saturday. 

Scope and Process:
Newton-in-Motion will collect public input through online methods as well as through three series of public workshops: one focused on transportation visions and goal setting; a second focused on preliminary transportation concepts, including some pilot demonstrations of ideas; and a third presenting and collecting input on a draft strategy. Each meeting will have an associated activity online. 

The project will have a number of benchmark deliverables, including: 
  •  A factbook on the state of today’s transportation 
  •  A vision document for the future of transportation 
  •  An active transportation network plan, transit plan, and a motor vehicle and parking plan 
  •  An implementation plan to prioritize future actions and investments