Mount Auburn St Corridor Study Public Meeting

The Department of Conservation and Recreation is conducting a study to develop short- and long-term recommendations for the improvement of Mount Auburn Street and portions of the adjoining roadways. The objectives of the project are to identify improvements to create safe and welcoming conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians, particularly between the Charles River and abutting neighborhoods, improve operations for transit riders, and maintain vehicular access, particularly to local businesses and Mount Auburn Hospital. The study area includes the Mount Auburn Street corridor, from Belmont Street in Watertown to Traill Street in Cambridge, including the Parkway Corridor (Fresh Pond Parkway/Greenough Boulevard) from Huron Avenue to the Eliot Bridge.

The purpose of this meeting is to present, and obtain comments on, a preliminary design for a short-term alternative (primarily focused at the intersection of Mount Auburn Street and Fresh Pond Parkway), as well as on the final draft. The draft report, as well as previous material associated with the project, is available on the project website.

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