Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

The Midnight Marathon is a group bike ride – not a race, and not even a marathon. In fact, at around 30 miles, it’s a few miles longer than a marathon! But don’t worry – it’s mostly down hill.

We start from the Southborough Station parking lot and follow the Boston Marathon route all the way back to town.

Route A - At 30.6 miles, this is the traditional Midnight Marathon route- including a large, steep hill on Cedar St shortly after starting. This route brings you across the Boston Marathon Start Line in Hopkinton. Police ask that you do not stop at the Start Line for photos nor to wait for people. Please pedal straight through and on according to the Route A Map.

Route B – This shorter route at 27.3 miles also benefits from avoiding the Cedar St hill. This is the route we did in 2014 – joining the main Boston Marathon route at the 4 mile mark. If you’re starting late, looking to get downtown early, or just want to avoid that awful hill, check out the Route B Map.

Riders get to Southborough by a variety of means, but mostly via the 10:40pm commuter rail departure from South Station. Unlike most nights, bikes aren’t allowed on this (already packed) train ride, but we can transport your bike between stations for a nominal fee.

The ride is unsupported and show-and-go, meaning there is no official ride registration, ride leaders, road support, nor any official start or finish time, and most importantly, that you and your friends are responsible for your own safety.

You can ride the route with friends any time the roads are open to vehicles and you follow the rules of the road. The main wave of riders arrive from Boston to Southborough Station just after midnight, but many people organize their own carpools and out-and-back rides before this. You can expect just as many people to be dropped off by carpool before midnight as arrive on the train after.

For those needing bike delivery, or post-ride pancakes, only a limited number of tickets are available, so get them in advance.

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