Issue #187 - March

A Big Win for the Allston I-90 Multimodal Project

a view from above of the I-90 area in allston, showing an elevated portion that would be returned to ground level

Image: Boston Globe


Earlier this month MassDOT secured $335.4 million in federal funding for the Allston I-90 Multimodal Project! This is a major step toward advancing this project that has been in the works for more than a decade.

A huge shout out to the local advocates who supported the State’s application for federal funding and who fought for the elements of the project that made the project an ideal candidate for the Reconnecting Communities program.

To learn more about the project check out this helpful explainer from StreetsblogMASS.

MBTA Board Votes to Expand Reduced Fares Program

a person taps a charliecard at a turnstile


Image: boston.com


On Thursday, March 28th, the MBTA Board of Directors approved the T’s proposal to expand their reduced fares program to include a systemwide low-income fare across all modes, including premium trips on The Ride. Now approved, this new eligibility could be rolled out as early as this summer.

The advocacy isn’t over, however, as more funding must be allocated to sustain this program.



Women still underrepresented in transportation sector - but not at LivableStreets!

the livablestreets team at tour de streets

Image: Selmon Rafey


Did you know that despite comprising 54% of Massachusetts state employees, women make up only 32.2% of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) workforce? And the numbers are even lower at the MBTA. Yet, according to the MBTA Systemwide passenger survey, women represent a higher percentage of passengers across all modes of public transport. While the lack of female representation in transit agencies is concerning, it also emphasizes the importance of designing transit systems that prioritize the safety and comfort of women passengers.

That's why LivableStreets Alliance stands out as a beacon of change. As an all-women-run transit advocacy group, we're proud to lead the charge in advocating for safer, more inclusive streets and transportation systems for all!

As we close out Women's History Month, let's celebrate the unique contributions of women at LivableStreets Alliance and continue our mission to create a more equitable and accessible transit landscape for all.







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