Issue #172 - November


StreetTalk 10-in-1: Last Chance to Register!

audience of a previous streettalk 10-in-1 at the old south meeting house in boston

Our 12th Annual StreetTalk is only a week away. Will you be joining us? This is your last chance to catch a spot in person! Registration CLOSES on Dec. 1st at 5:00pm.


Date + Time: Thursday, Dec. 8th, 6:00pm—8:30pm
Location: Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington St, Boston
Doors open at 5:30pm and the event will begin promptly at 6:00pm.

We have a wonderful panel of speakers lined up — learn more about them on this page!

This StreetTalk is hosted in partnership with the GBH Forum Network.

Please note: All tickets for this event are free of charge.


Honored Victims of Traffic Violence on World Day of Remembrance

the world day of remembrance memorial in boston: yellow carnations are strewn across a stone memorial in the boston common; there are signs about world day of remembrance, along with a basket of more yellow carnations that has a sign saying \

On Sunday, November 20th, LivableStreets and the Vision Zero Coalition honored victims of traffic crashes in Massachusetts as part of World Day of Remembrance. The Coalition set out a memorial display of yellow flowers near the Massachusetts State House — one blossom for each person killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash in 2022. Other advocates across the state organized vigils and actions in their towns and communities, including Springfield, Worcester, and Medford.

Bridges and buildings across the state were lit in yellow that night, as the color connected with victims of traffic violence.

Transportation and Equity Wins on the Ballot

the back of someone's upper leg area; they have a bike helmet hanging from (presumably) their backpack, and on the bike helmet are two "i voted" stickers. another pair of legs is in the background on the right side of the photo.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts voters made their voices heard when question 1 (Fair Share Amendment) and question 4 (driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants) passed on the ballot!

In their own way, each ballot question is making meaningful change in Massachusetts, by improving transportation and creating safer roads for all.

LivableStreets: Slow + Steady to Beat the Bay State

a turtle, standing on a stony dirt path with a few blades of green grass on its right, chomps on an orange food. The turtle's shell is very dark, with some light orange hexagonal spots, and its legs and head are the same dark color mottled with orange spots.

LivableStreets' Staff & Board team is making its way around Massachusetts in WalkBoston's Beat the Bay State challenge. Stacy and Abby have led the team with over 100 miles logged each, and not only did Stacy spot this incredible turtle on a recent hike, Maha found an extremely rare gathering of animals in her neighborhood — some amazing wildlife photography on this team!

We've walked and run 700 of the 900 miles as of this morning; we may not have beat the Bay State, but we've certainly had fun!



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