Inman Square "Peanutabout" Design Charrette

The Bike Union has been working Kittelson & Associates, local roundabout experts, to come up with an innovative design for Inman Square -- one that prioritizes the safety of people walking and biking, while improving motor vehicle flow (and restoring left turns), along with creating place making opportunities and more. 

BCU is hosting a community meeting / charette to present this design, allow people to become better acquainted with it, and to get feedback from community members and stakeholders (you!). 

Please join BCU and Kittelson on December 8th at the offices of PCA Architects to learn more about this potential design for Inman Square and to give your feedback!

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. will be going over an executed high-level analysis of Inman Square, in which they have concluded that "based on observed existing queue lengths, roundabout operations appear to be an improvement over existing conditions."

A detailed operations analysis and potentially a simulation will be necessary before advancing the concept.

Click here for more information and RSVP at this link!