Final Vote for Cycling Safety Ordinance

The final vote for the Cycling Safety Ordinance is here! This ordinance would require the city to build protected bike lanes on a street when it is reconstructed, if the street is designated to have a protected lane in the Cambridge Bike Plan. The law would allow the city manager an exception if the usage or structure of a street make it infeasible to build the protected bicycle lane, but this exception is to be invoked only “rarely” and the city would have to provide a written explanation of why they could not build the bike infrastructure and whether an alternative route could ensure connectivity.

The final vote is next Monday April 8, 5:30pm at Cambridge City Hall:

  • Show up to speak about what the ordinance means to you. RSVP to the Facebook event here.

  • Email [email protected], [email protected] and CC [email protected] and [email protected]. Thank them for their continued support for the ordinance. You may have said this already but it's good to send an email even if they’ve read it before because city councillors like hearing that the community appreciates the work they do for bike safety.