Middays at the Meeting House: Activating a Historic Site

Middays at the Meeting House- Activating a Historic Site - Sip & Spoke Bike Kitchen, Dorchester

Part of the Series Churches, Cafes & Community Centers: Historic Preservation for Boston's Neighborhoods, Co-Sponsored by LivableStreets Alliance

The Upham's Corner Comfort Station, a stucco and tile “mission style” building adjacent to the historic Dorchester North Burying Ground, was built in 1912 to support Boston’s expanding streetcar system. The building has been unused since 1977. Today, Historic Boston Incorporated (HBI) is rehabilitating the comfort station to help preserve and tell the story of Dorchester’s urbanization and transportation growth in the early 20th century. When the project is complete, this historic structure will serve as a vital neighborhood business and gathering place, featuring bicycle repair and cappuccinos! Hear about the ongoing transformation from entrepreneur, Dorchester native, and local history activist Noah Hicks.


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