Charles F. Denison IV / Advocacy Committee Chair

Charlie lives in Boston’s South End neighborhood and enjoys taking advantage of the many modes available in the city. He began as a volunteer for LivableStreets, joining the board in 2007 with a strong interest in strategic planning and the implementation of priority projects. As Chair of the Advocacy Committee, Charlie helps organize and initiate advocacy efforts on projects across Metro Boston. In the last decade he estimates that he’s penned more than 50 advocacy letters and likely contributed to hundreds more. He is excited to see LivableStreets holding cities accountable for their commitments to Vision Zero, and making accessible transportation a priority in Boston. Charlie is currently a Senior Applications Developer for Geode Capital Management, a financial services company in Boston. In his free time, Charlie enjoys traveling, studying political and social issues, and exploring the city.

Charlie says: Being a part of LivableStreets helped me to understand why most cities are so car-oriented. I also realized that passionate citizens have the power to change that paradigm, making moving people the priority rather than vehicles.

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Charles Denison