Cambridge Car-Share: City Council Ordinance Committee Hearing

Please join us at a Cambridge City Council Ordinance Committee meeting this Wednesday to support a new zoning proposal that aims to expand access to carshare throughout Cambridge. Carsharing is a crucial piece of a balanced transportation network, giving people access to a car when they need it and freeing up space on our streets when they don't. From the Council Hearing Schedule:

The Ordinance Committee will conduct a public hearing to discuss a proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to amend Article 6.000 to create a new Section 6.24 Carsharing Provisions that will create a definition and general provisions for Carsharing and will allow the limited use of parking spaces. Click here to view the petition. This hearing to be televised.

Key points to raise:

  • Each carshare car takes 9-13 private vehicles off the road, reducing parking demand and traffic, lowering emissions and creating more livable neighborhoods. 
  • Carsharing makes it possible to live in Cambridge without owning a car, whether by need or by choice.
  • People already depend on carshare cars located near their homes. We need to protect and add to these, not remove spots where they are most effective.
  • Many residential areas in Cambridge are carshare deserts. This proposal will make it possible to expand access into these areas and throughout Cambridge.
  • Carsharing is no more disruptive to residential neighborhoods than private vehicles. Carshare cars are used most by people who live nearby and typically only twice daily.