Brookline Public Meeting on Babcock Street

If you live, work or shop in Brookline, attend this important Transportation Board hearing on the re-design of Babcock Street. Speak up to support safety for people who walk and bike in town!
Babcock Street is an important connector that people use to access Commonwealth Avenue and Coolidge Corner.  For people on bikes, its importance is likely to increase with the construction (now in progress) of separated cycle tracks on Commonwealth Avenue, and the current plan to allow bicycle access to North Allston near the north end of Babcock Street as part of the I-90 Interchange Project.   
The Transportation Board has been considering options for the reconstruction of Babcock Street for over two years. In January 2017, the Board voted to implement comprehensive traffic calming on Babcock Street. However, this summer the Board of Selectmen voted to ask the Transportation Board to reconsider the Babcock Street design in response to Fire Department concerns regarding the traffic-calming raised elements.
The Board of Selectmen's decision may present an opportunity to achieve separated bike lanes on Babcock Street. However, there is also a risk that the final outcome will just be a repaved Babcock Street with only modest traffic calming that does not provide significant safety for people either biking or crossing the street on foot. 

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