Brian Sant / Board Chair
Digital Director of Communications & Marketing, Ceres


Brian.pngBrian lives in Roslindale and enjoys getting around Boston by bike, walking, and public transit (including sexy buses!). In addition to having the most tattoos of any board member, he is passionate about making streets safer for vulnerable road users. As Board Chair, he works closely with the Executive Director and LivableStreets staff on strategic planning, fundraising, and board governance. Brian has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit field, with a focus on sustainability and environmental solutions to global issues like climate change, water scarcity, and human rights abuses. In his role as Digital Director at Ceres, he oversees the organization's website and other digital properties, engages audiences through social media and email, and has experience developing podcasts, videos and other multimedia material. He's excited to see LivableStreets increase their advocacy outreach with more community engagement across all neighborhoods. In his free time, you can find Brian biking, traveling, or fine tuning cocktail recipes.

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Brian says: Do you love your planet? Please support my sustainability habit!

Julia Wallerce / Vice Chair
Boston Program Manager, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy (ITDP)


Julia.pngA native of Northern California, Julia lives in Winthrop with her husband and daughter. Julia joined the LivableStreets Board in 2011 so she could start more conversations using her favorite urban planning jargon like 'spatial justice' and 'democratizing the streetscape.' Julia led the family bike ride for LivableStreets' largest annual fundraiser, Tour de Streets, in 2017, and plays an integral role on the Fundraising Committee. She is most excited to cultivate new donor relationships and diversify funding for LivableStreets' Emerald Network initiative. Julia is currently the Boston Program Manager for the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, helping to lead efforts to pilot Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in the Boston region, and is the Chair of the Winthrop Transportation Advisory Committee. She previously served as Executive Director of MassCommute. In her free time, Julia enjoys biking, following local politics, and exploring nature with children.

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Julia says: I've seen how a community can come together to create the change they want to see.

Matt Carstensen / Treasurer
Program Analyst, Aurora Flight Sciences


Matt lives in Somerville and describes his daily bike ride through Powderhouse Square as similar to "Battle Mode" of Mario Kart 64. Matt joined the LivableStreets Board because he believes the organization’s approach will build a happier and healthier community, as well as a stronger economy. Working in program management within aerospace, he brings a wealth of financial know-how to his position as board treasurer. As an avid greenway user, he is excited to see key links of the Emerald Network completed. In his free time Matt enjoys scuba diving, running races in new cities, and hiking with his dog Cato.

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Matt says: I appreciate the innovative thought leaders that LivableStreets brings to the table.

Charles F. Denison IV / Advocacy Committee Chair
Sr. Applications Developer, GEODE Capital Management


Charlie.pngCharlie lives in Boston's South End neighborhood and enjoys taking advantage of the many modes available in the city. He began as a volunteer for LivableStreets, joining the board in 2007 with a strong interest in strategic planning and the implementation of priority projects. As Chair of the Advocacy Committee, Charlie helps organize and initiate advocacy efforts on projects across Metro Boston. In the last decade he estimates that he's penned more than 50 advocacy letters and likely contributed to hundreds more. He is excited to see LivableStreets holding cities accountable for their commitments to Vision Zero, and making accessible transportation a priority in Boston. Charlie is currently a Senior Applications Developer for Geode Capital Management, a financial services company in Boston. In his free time, Charlie enjoys traveling, studying political and social issues, and exploring the city.

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Charlie says: Being a part of LivableStreets helped me to understand why most cities are so car-oriented. I also realized that passionate citizens have the power to change that paradigm, making moving people the priority rather than vehicles.

Stephen Gershman / Internal Committee Chair
Principal Consultant, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions


Stephen.pngStephen knows that the easiest way for people to connect to the LivableStreets mission is experiential — each day people enjoy traveling along greenways and wonder the best way to cross a street and reach a friend's home safely — that's why he likes telling new friends about the organization while out on a group run, bike, or drive. Stephen looks forward to seeing LivableStreets develop a playbook and leadership structure that will enable everyone to advocate effectively for complete streets in their communities. As a member of the Governance Committee, Stephen helps with internal policy development and recruitment. He is currently a Senior Technical Manager at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, where he builds technology for leading hospital networks to deliver better care to patients. He also teaches at Tufts University. Stephen enjoys recreating his favorite flavors in the kitchen, hiking new trails, and playing basketball.

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Stephen says: I love it when people make the connection that what we're advocating for are the systems that move and connect us to each other where we live, work, and play.

Kathryn Carlson
Director of Transportation, A Better City


Kathryn.pngKathryn grew up in Milwaukee under the "New Urbanism" administration of Mayor John Norquist, which helped fuel her passion about urban land use. She has been an avid bike commuter in Madison, WI, Boston, London, and Paris. As Chair of the Fundraising Committee, Kathryn has helped to grow the organization's budget and staff. Kathryn is currently Director of Transportation at A Better City, where she leads the organization's research and policy agenda for Metro Boston's transportation system. She is also the creator of Buca Boot, a lockable, weatherproof bike basket that makes it easier for people to choose a bike for daily transportation needs. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Wellesley College and a Master of Science in Economics & Economic History from the London School of Economics. In her free time, Kathryn enjoys playing the fiddle and sailing.

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Kathryn says: Transportation isn't just a system for moving people quickly through an area, but the critical backbone to place-making and livability.

Kenneth Kruckemeyer
Private Transportation Strategist


Kenneth.pngKen is a longtime resident of Boston's South End neighborhood and is a founding member of LivableStreets. He is happy that our mission has spread as a younger generation becomes involved in advocating for better urban planning and transportation. Ken is a private transportation strategist, specializing in the design of civil infrastructure, with a focus on integrated public transport systems, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and roadway and bridge design. Ken previously served as Associate Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Works and was Project Manager of the Southwest Corridor Project in Boston. Ken hopes to see LivableStreets achieve major success across all program areas — with improved designs for Melnea Cass Boulevard, Rutherford Avenue, Back Bay Station, and key connections in the Emerald Network. Ken enjoys walking, cycling and swimming.

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Ken says: I love seeing more young people getting involved in advocating for better urban planning and transportation.

Steven Miller
Executive Director, New England Healthy Weight Initiative, Harvard School of Public Health


Steven.pngSteve fondly remembers the debates that were had over what to call this newly forming transportation urbanist group... it was LivableStreets Alliance that stuck. Steve is no stranger to new initiatives and board participation, having served on the State's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board, TechBoston Academy, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), Consortium for School Networks (CoSN), and Grassroots International (GRI). Steve is co-founder of the Emerald Network and Boston's annual Hub On Wheels Bike festival. He has published four books on public policy and writes regularly for his blog "The Public Way: Transportation, Health, and Livable Communities" hosted on the LivableStreets website. He is excited to see significant progress being made on the Emerald Network, and will continue to help push for quick and effective implementation of updated transportation policies. He believes that transportation is a key leverage for healthier communities and a way to address institutional inequities. Steve lives in Cambridge, MA and is an active grandfather of two. He enjoys biking, backpacking, and gardening.

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Steve says: LivableStreets is special because of the breadth of its vision, its inclusiveness, its amazing volunteer network, and its effectiveness at winning improvements for both policies and facilities.

Vivian Ortiz


Vivian-Ortiz.pngVivian grew up in El Paso, TX and is a resident of Boston's Mattapan neighborhood. You can find her spreading the word about great things in Mattapan on twitter @mattapanviv. She says she joined the LivableStreets board because the organization has been a “one-stop transit advocacy shop” for her, and she hopes to bring the Street Ambassador program to Mattapan and surrounding neighborhoods. Vivian was a featured speaker at the StreetTalk 10-in-1 in 2015, and fondly remembers Boston Chief of Streets Chris Osgood running over to introduce himself right after she’d just finished pointing out the eight lanes of traffic that people were forced to cross without a crosswalk on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Square (An area which still has yet to see any changes!). Vivian is Coordinator for the Let's Get Healthy, Boston! project for Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition in conjunction with the Boston Alliance for Community Health and the Boston Public Health Commission. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles and playing board games.

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Vivian says: I want to live in a city where forward-thinking residents in underrepresented neighborhoods can partner with interested designers, planners, artists, engineers, etc. to design neighborhood outdoor spaces.

Jeff Rosenblum / Co-founder
PhD Candidate, MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning


Jeff_Rosenblum_headshot_2016_(1).pngJeff co-founded LivableStreets Alliance in 2004 and served as Executive Director until 2007. He is currently a PhD Candidate in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning with a focus on transportation policy, equity, and advocacy. Jeff has enjoyed spending the last several summers in the Netherlands with his family while co-teaching a Northeastern University course, "Sustainable Transportation Planning," held at TU-Delft. Jeff has served on the Board for the Alliance for Biking and Walking, participated in the Bicycle Subcommittee of the National Committee on MUTCD, and has been active with NACTO. Locally, he has served on MassDOT's Transportation Advisory Board and Boston's Complete Streets Advisory Committee. Prior to founding LivableStreets, Jeff worked on sustainable development projects in Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East and was a researcher for the Business & Sustainability group at Tellus Institute. Jeff holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a Professional Engineering License from the State of Maine.

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Jeff says: When I co-founded LivableStreets, I had a dream that by bringing together like-minded people, we could actually make a difference in the world. Since then, the organization has engaged thousands of people who want to live in a city that they can be proud of, one that is designed around people rather than automobiles.

Emily Warren

Kathryn.pngEmily grew up in the auto-oriented suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area, but is now delighted to live car-free in Somerville. An avid pedestrian, bike commuter, and recreational cyclist, she is passionate about expanding complete street infrastructure and multi-use paths throughout the region to support active transportation. Emily currently serves as a Venture Partner at Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital firm focused exclusively on investments in the transportation sector. Previously, she was one of the original employees at Lyft, where she lead the company’s transportation policy team for several years, and at Lime, where she built the global policy and public affairs team from the ground up. She believes new mobility technologies can play an indispensable role in reducing reliance on car ownership - provided the right policies are in place to prioritize the public interest. When she’s not caught up in wonky debates about mobility datasharing policy, running speed intervals around the Ellis Oval, or making a fool of herself at improv class, Emily can often be found walking her two beloved rescue dogs, Leo and Charlie, along the Somerville Community Path.