Bicycling Level of Stress: A Presentation by Peter Furth

Would you like to bike more but find biking too stressful? Are you curious about how this stress can be measured and then reduced? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then join Peter Furth, Professor of Civil Engineering and Transportation at Northeastern University, for a discussion sponsored by the Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee. Professor Furth has developed the network measure called Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) that is being used more and more for purposes of bicycle facility planning. One of the measure's strengths is that it identifies weak links in the road network that make it hard for people to feel comfortable biking to their desired destinations. He has generated a Boston LTS map that includes all the streets of Brookline. He will present the measure and its application in Boston and Brookline as one guide to planning bicycle infrastructure.

For questions, please email the Bicycle Advisory Committee.