YPT Boston COASTSWEEP Volunteer Day

Join YPT Boston as we participate in a statewide coastal clean up sponsored by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. 

COASTSWEEP is part of an annual event to raise awareness and clean beaches from Boston to Bimini. The International Coastal Cleanup organized by Ocean Conservancy in Washington, DC, brings hundreds of thousands of volunteers to beaches, lakes, and streams worldwide to remove marine debris—trash, fishing line, and any other human-made items—and collect data on the specific types of debris being found to help identify and address the behaviors that cause the debris.

In Massachusetts, volunteers have been pitching in to clean up stretches of beaches, marshes, seafloor, and riverbanks since 1987 as part of COASTSWEEP. The annual cleanup has grown over the years—in 2015, 2,643 volunteers cleaned 146 miles of coastline, river bank, marsh, seafloor, and lakeshore in Massachusetts—collecting more than 12,500 pounds of debris from 120 locations. More information can here found here.

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