Design your own Street contest

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At LivableStreets we believe that everyone is a “planner”. In fact, most of our staff, Board, and volunteers don’t hold planning or engineering degrees. Instead, we rely on you and your everyday experiences to inform how our streets should be.

There are many ways people can engage in “planning” in their own communities everyday - and that planning often starts with simply imagining what is possible.

You can participate by completing one more more of the following activities:

  • Download and print this PDF and draw the elements of a perfect street.
  • Experiment with StreetMix: Pick the street you live on or a street near by and add elements that you think would improve the safety and livability of the street.
  • Bust out some chalk and use a sidewalk, driveway or street space (that feels safe of course) to draw your vision for what that street could look like.

How do I get credit for participating?

Follow the instructions and share your participation with us on social media! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use the hashtags #TourDeStreets2020 and/or #TourYourStreets to enter in your submission for points. If you don’t have social media, you can also email your submissions to [email protected]. You will receive 1 point for each activity you participate in, and participation in certain activities is eligible for prizes (ex. street haiku contest).

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