Bike Decorating Competition

Photo from Boston Bike Party

Your bike is not only a tool to help get you from here to there. Your bike and how you ride is an expression of you. Join us to make your bike look its best!

For inspiration, look to the lit-up bikes of Boston Bike Party, the theme-based rides from bike parades, and the meticulous color coordination and skilled modifications of the Original Scraper Bike Team in Oakland.

Show off your decked out bike! To participate follow the steps below:

  • Decorate your bike! Use lights, paint, stickers, tinfoil, and more. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can also modify your bike with a new frame or parts. Or, if your bike is already decked out, clean it up and show it off. Take a photo and share it.
  • You can also share a photo from a time in the past where you decorated your bike for fun or for a special event.
  • If you don’t own a bike, dress yourself up and go for a walk or ride on a BlueBike or other shared bike system.

How do I get credit for participating?

Follow the instructions and share your participation with us on social media! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use the hashtags #TourDeStreets2020 and/or #TourYourStreets to enter in your submission for points. If you don’t have social media, you can also email your submissions to [email protected]. You will receive 1 point for each activity you participate in, and participation in certain activities is eligible for prizes (ex. street haiku contest).

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