Issue #86 - July 2014

In this issue: 
  • Register for Bike4Life, September 13
  • #SaferStreets Campaign on BNN News
  • Summer Member Challenge - 200 by August 22
  • Join the LivableStreets Advocacy Committee
  • Vote "No" on the November ballot
  • Remove McGrath update
  • Beacon Street cycle track celebration, August 13
  • Myths debunked: Transit investments don't pay off
  • Living car-light: Helsinki to make car ownership obsolete in 10 years
  • Public meetings & other opportunities

What's happening  


Bike4LifeRegister for Bike4Life, September 13
Join us for a day of biking and fun on Saturday, September 13. Register today!
New for Bike4Life this year:
  • Saturday ride date: start your weekend right. 
  • Rain-date: Sunday, September 14
  • 8:00am check-in: an hour more time to enjoy the BBQ!
  • Live band: come hear bluegrass band Red and the Boys along the Charles River.
  • Team registration pages: create or join a team to get your family and friends to Bike4Life.
Register today. Can't make the ride? You can still register and fundraise to help us reach our goal of $75,000 for more livable streets.

#SaferStreets Campaign on BNN News
LivableStreets Campaign Coordinator Jamie Maier and Boston Cyclist Union Executive Director Peter Stidman were on BNN News earlier this month talking about the need for a safer Commonwealth Avenue.
Watch the 8 minute film to find out why we need a #SaferCommAve.


You can help make Comm Ave better. Sign the petition today to call on Boston to design a safer Commonwealth Avenue. Or stop on Comm Ave in front of Landry's Bicycles tomorrow from 5:30-7pm to get and sign a postcard from our Street Ambassadors.

Summer Member Challenge: 200 by August 22
Become a member or renew today.

Like the sizzling hot weather outside, our 2014 Safer Streets campaign is heating up and we need you to become a LivableStreets member today. We are asking Boston Mayor Walsh to take action towards Vision Zero, a commitment to bring traffic crashes and injures down to zero. Not only will your financial support fund our campaigns, but your membership gives us strength in numbers when we advocate on your behalf with city leaders.

You will receive an email this week with your membership status. Membership is $50 and helps us advocate for you all year long.


Help us reach our goal of 200 new and renewed members by August 22 to make LivableStreets a more powerful force for change. Join or renew today.

Join the LivableStreets Advocacy Committee


Help organize, provide technical support and advocate to win our Safer Streets Campaign. Join ongoing projects or bring your own questions and project ideas. Monthly meetings will include trainings and guest speakers.


Email Campaign Coordinator Jamie Maier at [email protected] for more information and to RSVP for the next meeting.


Wednesday, August 27, 6:30-8:30pm

@ LivableStreets office

100 Sidney St., Cambridge

Vote "NO" on the November ballot
LivableStreets is working with our campaign partner Transportation for Massachusetts on the  
gas tax issue.
You have an opportunity to help protect vitally important transportation funding. The Transportation Finance Act of 2013 generates new funding to fix our roads, bridges and public transportation by linking the current gas tax to the consumer price index. 
The November 2014 ballot question would repeal this act, voiding linkage between the gas tax and the consumer price index, and effectively eliminating key transportation funding. 
Through this law, the Commonwealth generates an average annual increase of $600 million in funding that is protected for transportation.
This is low cost and high benefit. It costs the average driver approximately $5 a year or only about one cent per gallon and ensure that we have enough funding for safe roads and bridgesVote "NO" on the November ballot to keep key transportation funding. 



Remove McGrath Campaign update



Our vision for McGrath.
Our vision for McGrath.

Thanks to your membership and donations, the design portion of the McCarthy Overpass removal started last week, just as the repairs of the overpass are wrapping up.

Steven Nutter, our Remove McGrath volunteer lead, is a member of the design working group, and is making sure biking, walking, and transit are at the forefront of the conversations.


In the grounding McGrath plans, a four-lane option will be considered equally alongside a six-lane option. Four lanes will make it easier for people to cross the street safely in one signal crossing cycle. The four-lane option is in direct response to the planning process and garnered cheers and applause at the otherwise quiet public meeting. MassDOT plans to put the bid out next spring to do the interim work they promised us; buffered bike lanes, new intersection and closing a ramp.
Two wins: Four lanes seriously considered and a commitment to do the interim work. The next public meeting will be in the fall. Stay tuned.

Beacon Street cycle track celebration, August 13
Thanks to your support, the City of Somerville is moving forward with
plans to build a cycle track on Beacon Street! Join us as we celebrate this victory with a party at Somerville's new Aeronaut Brewery on Wednesday, 
Delicious Aeronaut beer will be available. Munchies and non-alcoholic beverages will be pot-luck so please bring something to share. There will be no eating utensils or plates so bring only snacks manageable with fingers or a napkin. Party starts at 6pm and the dancing starts at 8pm!

Myths Debunked


Over the first half of 2014, we have been debunking common transportation myths. Last month, we highlighted the myth: Carsharing doesn't reduce overall driving.  This month, we explore another popular myth.
mythMyth: Transit investments don't pay off
Debunked: Every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns.
In addition to the economic returns, every $1 billion invested in public transportation supports and creates 36,000 jobs. Every $10 million of capital investment in public transportation yields $30 million in increased business sales. Every $10 million in operating investment yields $32 million in increased business sales. So the $5 increase drivers will pay with gas the tax increase will generate $20 in economic returns! Vote No in November and help create economic returns, jobs and business sales. Find out more public transit stats and facts from the American Public Transportation Association. 
Share your thoughts about this #MythDebunked on Facebook and Twitter.



Living car-light: Helsinki to make car ownership obsolete in 10 years


Over the past couple of months, we have been highlighting news from around the world about communities and cities that are rethinking urban mobility to make living car-light easier: not relying on a personal-owned vehicle to get around.


"The Guardian" tells us that by 2025, "Finland's capital hopes a 'mobility on demand' system that integrates all forms of shared and public transport in a single payment network could essentially render private cars obsolete." Don't believe us? Check out the Helsinki Times' article "The future resident of Helsinki will not own a car" article here to find out the details.


The City of Boston is starting a planning process to come up with a new Urban Mobility Plan with a vision for the future. What would need to happen in Boston for you to not have to rely on a car for all trips? We'd love to hear from you. Share on Twitter, using#BostonCarLighor by replying to this email.   


Public meetings & other opportunities  

LivableStreets Volunteer Friday


Friday, August 1, 10am-12pm
@ LivableStreets office, 100 Sidney St., Cambridge


Boston Bike's Bike Friday
Friday, August 29, 6:30-9am
@ Boston City Hall, City Hall Plaza


National NTAP Project Manager Job Opening
NACTO Project Director Job Opening
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