Roxbury Community Meeting -- transportation, parking, and streets

Please come and share your concerns/thoughts on many important transportation issues.  If you can't make it, please feel free to add your questions/concerns to the Google Form below.
From Councilor Janey:
One issue often raised in discussions about development is the issue of parking. Parking and transportation are an ongoing challenge within the City of Boston and that is why I have been pushing for more slow streets, enforced bus lanes and protected bike lanes, and improving our sidewalks. That is why I am also holding a community meeting on Wednesday, June 20th, 6 PM at the Twelfth Baptist Church. Residents will have the opportunity to discuss transportation and public works issues impacting Roxbury, including parking, sidewalks, and other transportation related issues. Representatives from the City's departments including Chief of Streets Chris Osgood and Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina Fiandaca will be there to respond to your questions and hear your ideas. To register please click here and I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming community meeting.