Research and Design Concepts

Below are nine conceptual designs for missing links in the Emerald Network. Presented with LivableStreets at Boston Society for Architects in Summer 2015.

Eleven jury members voted for:
Screen_Shot_2015-06-08_at_2.32.41_PM.png Most Compelling Long Range Vision
Screen_Shot_2015-06-08_at_2.32.41_PM.png Most Implementable Short Term Plan
Screen_Shot_2015-06-08_at_2.32.41_PM.png Best Presentation

The audience voted for:
Screen_Shot_2015-06-08_at_2.32.41_PM.png People's Choice Award

Screen_Shot_2015-06-18_at_11.28.12_AM.pngColumbia Road
by NBBJ; Nitsch; Kittelson, and Lam PartnersColumbua_Road_at_72dpi_at_90_percent_opacity.jpg
Armed with a journal excerpt from Olmsted on the merits of Columbia Road serving as connector for Franklin Park and the Harbor, the team evoked a clear and inspiring vision for this long-awaited greenway link.
Fort Point Channel
by GLD Architects
To confront existing waterfront challenges, the design team proposed an intervention that elevates the public realm by allowing public access to the water – a bold re-thinking of our relationship with the harbor.
Southampton Street
by Sasaki
The design team energized the crowd with its three concepts: connect, recharge and enhance. Through these strategies, the team envisioned greater connection for the South Boston area.
Charles River Locks
by Utile and Weston & Sampson
Through a series of wide-enough paths that allow people to safely travel and gather, the design team proposed a thoughtfully-crafted and dynamic public space.

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