Quick Quotes — health & environment

“The health experts are just recognizing what devoted transportation cyclists have always known, which is if you’re on a quick ride to the store to pick up a carton of milk, you’re not really paying attention to the exercise part.  You’re focused on the traffic, the sights, the (hopefully) fresh air, and the sheet job of movement.  It’s kind of like the same trick your mind plays when you hike to the far end of the shopping mall and back in pursuit of the perfect gift for mom.  You are thinking of the hunting and gathering, not the half-mile or so you’ve walked.

Pedaling Revolution, by Jeff Mapes

“The highway safety administration estimates that drivers using a hand-held device are at 1.3 times greater risk of a crash or near crash, and at three times the risk when dialing, compared with others who are simply driving. The study found cellphones to be the most common cause of driver distraction.  Research also shows that drivers conversing with fellow passengers do not present the same danger, because adult riders help keep drivers alert and point out dangerous conditions and tend to talk less in heavy traffic or hazardous weather.  ‘There is zero doubt that one’s driving ability is impaired when one is trying to have a cellphone conversation — whether hands-free or hand-held, it doesn’t matter,’ said David E. Meyer, professor of psychology at the University of Michigan.”

“Driven to Distraction: Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks”

by Matt Richtel, New York Times, 7/19/09

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