LivableStreets Alliance is dedicated to supporting policies at all levels of government that reflect a commitment to moving towards a better transportation system with an emphasis on equity. Read on to learn more about our policy priorities for 2020.

2020 State Transportation Revenue Package

Massachusetts is facing a transportation crisis. Our transportation system does not have sufficient funds to address current and future needs. Residents are burdened by congested roads, crumbling bridges, rising greenhouse gas emissions, underfunded public transportation, and a lack of connected walking and biking options.

Massachusetts lawmakers will soon debate new revenue for transportation. In order to fix the transportation crisis, we need to raise at least $50 billion over the next 20 years. LivableStreets is supporting the following bold policies to address our failing, inequitable transportation system:

  • Increase the state gas tax to raise reliable revenue now, guaranteed to fund transportation (to learn more, click here).
  • Enact fees on Uber/Lyft rides to encourage shared rides.
  • Advance the Transportation Climate Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Pass regional ballot initiatives to encourage local/regional transportation innovations.

Generally, the revenue raised from these policies will help get our current infrastructure into a State of Good Repair, expand system capacity to accommodate a growing population, and build a 21st century transportation system that will be accessible, reliable, decarbonized, and resilient.

It’s important that revenue is invested in people and communities with the greatest need across Massachusetts, and that the potential negative impacts on low-income people are mitigated. This includes the following policies:

  1. Improve MBTA and RTA service by increasing funding for operations
  2. Make transit more affordable across the state (more info below)
  3. Raise the Earned Income Tax Credit to protect low-income families from cost increases

To learn more about why we need more state transportation revenue, and how we think the additional revenue should be invested, click here.

A group of people stand holding signs that read "Let's Get Boston on Board", "Where's my bus?" and "Bus only lanes"
Make local bus fares free across the state for MBTA and RTA buses

Let's free the bus! This is an important step toward making buses faster and more accessible. It will cost about $60 million per year to make buses free statewide, which is the equivalent of a 2-cent gas tax increase.

Check out our recent one-pager here.

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To better understand the scope of need for transportation funding, check out the policy documents below:

Vision Zero coalition members stand with Charlie Baker, holding the hands-free bill that he had recently signed

To learn more about state and city policies LivableStreets has recommended outside of this state revenue package: