Banner image for the policy page, showing a row of 9 people standing together and smng at the camera. Among these people are Representative Ayanna Pressley and LivableStreets Executive Director Stacy Thompson.

LivableStreets Alliance is dedicated to supporting policies at all levels of government that reflect a commitment to moving towards a better transportation system with an emphasis on equity. Read on to learn more about our state policy priorities for the 2023-2024 legislative session. 

Policy Priorities

Debt-Based Driver’s License Suspensions

H.3314, sponsored by Representative Brandy Fluker Oakley | S.2227, sponsored by Senator Julian Cyr

An Act to end debt-based driving restrictions and remove economic roadblocks would end the practice of suspending driver's licenses for unpaid fines and fees, as part of a nationwide movement to stop the criminalization of poverty and break the cycle of debt.

Low Income Transit Fares

H.3373, sponsored by Representative Adrian Madaro | S.2231, sponsored by Senator Lydia Edwards

An Act relative to low income transit fares” and "An Act establishing a program for low income fares (LIF)" directs the MBTA and Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) to implement and study a low income fare structure.

Free Buses

S.2246, sponsored by Senator Patricia Jehlen | H.3266, sponsored by Representative Christine Barber

An Act relative to fare free buses” would require the MBTA and allow RTAs to implement a one-year fare-free pilot.

School Bus Sensors + Bus Lane Cameras

S.2600, sponsored by Joint Committee on Transportation

An Act enhancing school bus safety” would equip school buses with sensors that would notify the operator of persons near the bus to prevent crashes. It would also allow automated cameras on public transit buses to issue tickets for parking in a dedicated bus lane.