Newton in Motion Transportation Demonstration Project

See a trial design in action June 10 - 11

For two days, the intersection of Washington Street and Walnut Street will feature a temporary traffic configuration that will demonstrate how the intersection could be redesigned to be more welcoming to all users. The temporary configuration will be made of moveable materials and will include elements like curb extensions, pedestrian islands, bike lanes, parklets and art programming. Kids welcomed and encouraged to participate!

This event was originally scheduled for April 8-9, and then May 13-14, and has been postponed twice due to rain. 

Find more workshop details and participate online at:

About Newton-in-Motion

Newton-in-Motion will produce a comprehensive guide towards a more equitable, economically and environmentally sustainable multimodal transportation system. This plan will create a nuanced and up-to-date strategy that carries the Comprehensive Plan forward while also complementing the missions of the Housing Strategy and Sustainability Plan. This plan will also be a strategy that is adaptable to changing travel patterns within the City and region and the rapid growth of transportation options. Produced from extensive community engagement and data analysis, the strategy will address the needs of all members of the Newton community and will provide a variety of real options that support a balance between all modes.