MPO Meeting

Please note: Due to a scheduling conflict, this MPO meeting will be held in the Transportation Board Room at the State Transportation Building instead of Conference Rooms 2 and 3. The Board Room is located at the top of the escalators and to the right of the security desk.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions, 2 minutes
  2. Public Comments, 10 minutes
  3. Chair’s Report, 2 minutes
  4. Committee Chairs’ Reports, 2 minutes
  5. Regional Transportation Advisory Council Report, 2 minutes
  6. Executive Director’s Report, 5 minutes
  7. Action Item: Approval of November 7, 2019, MPO Meeting Minutes, 1 minute (to be posted)
  8. Action Item: Transportation Improvement Program Amendment One, Final Approval, Matt Genova, MPO staff: Presentation and discussion of the public comments received during the 21-day public comment period and final approval of the amendment, 15 minutes (to be posted)
  9. Action Item: Operating a Successful Community Shuttle, Andrew Clark, MPO staff: Presentation, discussion, and vote to approve the work scope to study successful community shuttle programs in the Boston region and elsewhere, and to develop a guidebook to inform the region's municipalities on strategies for developing and operating successful shuttle programs, 10 minutes (to be posted)
  10. Boston MPO Public Outreach Activities, Kate White, MPO staff: Update on the MPO’s public outreach program and a review of past and upcoming events, 20 minutes
  11. Future of the Curb, Andrew Clark, MPO staff: Presentation of results from a study undertaken to understand the changing demand on the curb lane and innovative ways that other cities are addressing this demand, 30 minutes (posted)
  12. Update on MBTA’s Rail Vision, Alexandra Markiewicz, MassDOT Office of Transportation Planning: Update and next steps on the MBTA’s Rail Vision project. Rail Vision will identify cost-effective strategies to transform the existing commuter rail system to support mobility and economic competitiveness in Greater Boston, 20 minutes
  13. Members’ Items: Reports and notices by MPO members, including regional concerns and local community issues, 5 minutes

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