Makayla, a dark-skinned Black woman with long dredlocks, smiles while standing in a bus stop on Mass Ave. A bus-only lane is clearly visible on the street to her right, running alongside a separated bike lane.

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Did you know that streets and sidewalks make up 56% of city-owned land in Boston? How we use this space reflects how we want to live. Join the movement to connect people and places by becoming a LivableStreets member today! Support your streets for as little as $5/month. Choose to make a monthly or one-time annual contribution:

The contributions of our members support our advocacy work to create streets that are safe, vibrant public spaces that connect people to the places where they live, work, and play all across Metro Boston. Members create a critical base for our daily operations and ensure that we can plan ahead for our core work and major campaigns.

Where We're Going + How You Can Help Us Get There:

People stand at a bus stop looking at a #50 bus as it approaches. A person rides a bike in the temporary bus-bike lane that has been created with orange cones, while cars travel in the vehicle lane beside it.

Advancing bus-priority. It started with a big win on Washington Street in Roslindale. Help us build on this momentum to reduce travel times for bus riders on other congested corridors throughout Metro Boston! #BetterBuses

Eliminating traffic deaths. Boston, Cambridge and Somerville have all made a commitment to Vision Zero. Together with the MA Vision Zero Coalition we are holding city leaders accountable for their goals. Support our annual reporting and help us step up at the State House to make streets safer all! #VisionZero

Building a connected system of greenway paths. The Emerald Network is advancing a vision for more than 200 miles of connected greenways across Metro Boston. Help people in all neighborhoods thrive and connect with vital access to open space, amenities, jobs, and more! #EmeraldNetwork

Transforming community development. Great Neighborhoods is creating a network of professionals who are focused on building the housing that we desperately need to create livable communities: affordable, transit-oriented, and culturally and economically diverse, with a focus on improving equity in the Metro Boston area. #GreatNeighborhoods

Bringing people together. LivableStreets creates opportunities for education, training, and social networking throughout the year. Our StreetTalks are places where ideas, strategies, and stories connect and evolve into action. Help us reach more people and communities across Metro Boston!

As a LivableStreets member you'll join a diverse network united in its passion for improving transportation in Metro Boston. Becoming a member is an easy and impactful way to contribute to the health and well-being of your community and the Greater Boston region. Start supporting your streets today for as little as $5/month!

Why Members Love LivableStreets:

Three people, two Black men and a White woman, stand arm in arm and give big smiles to the camera.

Multi-Modal Mission: "The work you do is super important and I want to support it. I like that LivableStreets is all inclusive and not just bicycling (and I bicycle a lot.)"

Intersectional Interest: "I'm concerned about climate and equity. LivableStreets is very well organized in their approach to transportation as it relates to other critical issues."

Networking Opportunities: "LivableStreets provides numerous ways to connect with others interested in transportation and safety."

Full Court Press: "It's so important to have an organization that can be focused on these issues full time and provide education and organizing capacity for the movement."