MBTA: Investigation ongoing, driver ‘re-trained’ after slow speed accident on Green Line in June

BOSTON (WHDH) - While an investigation remains ongoing, the MBTA train operator behind the wheel of a Green Line train that accidently became coupled with another car is off the scheduled while being “retrained”, according to the MBTA.

Video released by the MBTA shows the vehicle slowly rolling into another train already occupying the railway at the Government Center station. An MBTA worker can be seen trying to alert the incoming operator before walking away, hands on head, as the two trains collide.

Hours after 7NEWS obtained video of various safety issues that prompted a federal investigation, the MBTA Safety Committee reported that it’s meeting deadlines set by federal investigations to fix the transit system’s most pressing problems.

“We have been meeting closely with them,” said Ron Ester, MBTA Chief Safety Officer.

In addition to the Green Line accident, issues on the the MBTA’s Red Line have prompted a renewed scrutiny of the MBTA’s safety procedures.

Earlier this week, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren pleaded with Federal Transit Administration Administrator Nuria Fernandez for answers to how the situation has gotten this dire.

“How did we get to this place?” she said.

“Whether it’s culture, whether it’s decision making, or lack thereof, that contributes to incidents that result in death,” said Fernandez. “That’s when we raise the flag and we go beyond raising the flag and where we step in.”

The MBTA said it has made additional hires to help reverse service cuts put in place after federal investigators raised concerns that dispatchers were working excessively long shifts.

Transit passenger advocate Stacy Thompson puts the blame squarely on the Baker Administration for underfunding operating costs at the T for years.

“It’s really important for the public to keep naming that this is important to them,” Thompson said. “To remind the legislature, to remind the governor, to remind the future administration that we need to get it right.”