MBTA explains what happened in derailment

BOSTON — The MBTA is working with federal investigators to figure out why two Green Line Trains crashed and derailed Wednesday night sending four operators to the hospital. One train had more than 20 passengers who officials say were not hurt.

On Thursday morning, the Green Line was running but not all the way through. Shuttle busses helped detour riders after two trains derailed after they struck each other near Government Center.  One of the trains had dozens of passengers who we are told were not hurt. Four MBTA operators were taken to the hospital.  Riders the morning after say the shuttle plan was confusing. “It has been a bit harsh to find the shuttle bus but we managed,” said a woman.  “I went from Kenmore to Park and at Park I had to switch over to the orange line and take the orange line to north station and then at north station the shuttle busses were clear across the station,” a rider said.

MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak described what was happening when the moving train struck the other train.  “One train was turning around at the loop we have outside of Government Center. The other train was proceeding southbound and that is where the two trains had their collision,” said Poftak.  The T says three of the four operators were released from the hospital by Thursday afternoon. “They all walked off the train so they were not seriously, none of them were seriously injured,” said Poftak.

Stacy Thompson is the Executive Director at Livable Streets Alliance and monitors these incidents as they advocate for practical, people-centered transportation.  “By and large these incidents are still rare and the T has been working hard to catch up,” said Thompson.  Thompson compares the T to that old house that was neglected for decades and now it’s being repaired. “We’d love to see the legislature give them more resources so they can catch up faster,” said Thompson.

Riders hope more investment turns into fewer incidents because they say the only way the T will be successful is to be reliable and safe. “I was like I am never going to make it so I had to get a cab to Union Square,” said a rider.

The T telling us the operator who was running the train that hit the other train had no safety record violations.  All four were put on paid leave during the investigation.