Issue #176 - March


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

people stand under a tent awning, talking to a LivableStreets Street Ambassador who is wearing an orange LivableStreets tshirt

In 2023, LivableStreets will be working on projects across a few of our program areas, covering Transit + Streets, the Emerald Network, and Policy. This means that the Outreach program will be pretty busy! Whether or not you have volunteered for LivableStreets before as a Street Ambassador, we would love your support in the months to come.

If you are interested please take some time to fill out this interest form. If you have any questions, reach out to Makayla at [email protected].

The Governor’s Budget: Low-Income Fare and more…

the Massachusetts state house

Earlier this month, Governor Healey’s administration released their budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. There was much of interest in the budget, including how the funds created by the new Fair Share Amendment would be allocated. Included in the funding allocated for transportation was $5 million dollars for the MBTA to begin implementing a low-income fare program. Though we’re disappointed that the future funding for this program is still up in the air, we’re thrilled that the groundwork for this program will be funded. Check out this StreetsblogMASS article by Christian MilNeil to learn more about the governor's budget proposal.

Although the budget does a good job allocating Fair Share funds, the Governor’s parallel tax reform proposal proposes regressive tax cuts that would predominantly benefit the wealthy in Massachusetts. Read more from our partners at MassBudget on this issue.

ICYMI: Free Buses In the News

a rider approaches a 28 bus at the Nubian Square platform; the bus's digital display reads "ride for free"

For us, fare free buses are always a hot topic. But recently they’ve been a hot topic in the news as well! This came after the City of Boston released a study on the impacts of their free bus pilots, showing that more people are riding the bus as well as saving money on transit costs. Check out the report here.

Here are a few of the recent mentions of fare free bus service in Massachusetts.

  • "Riders on fare-free MBTA buses report saving money, easier commutes" - GBH News article
  • "Ridership on fare-free MBTA buses more than doubled in program's first year" - GBH News article + audio
  • "Study says more people are saving money, riding the bus after one year of Boston’s fare-free program" - Boston Globe article

Keeping Chelsea Cool

a rendering of the Chelsea Cool Block showing streets, buildings, and colorful pins representing various improvements

While March often has one envisioning warmer days, sweltering heat is rarely part of the daydream. The City of Chelsea is aiming to combat the effects of urban heat island through their Cool Block project. In this video, Chelsea demonstrates how it mobilized community groups, city staff, landscape architects, engineers, and private funders to add trees, colored pavement, bioswales, and temporary park furniture to one of the city’s hottest blocks. View the project one-pager or visit Turnaround Films to learn about creative climate adaptations!

Another way to cool neighborhoods? Greenways! Join us in our advocacy to build greenways throughout the Boston region through the Emerald Network.

Help Send Bikes to El Salvador

a person in a baseball cap stands in front of a shipping container; there are rows of bikes surrounding them
Photo: Bikes Not Bombs

On Thursday March 30th to Saturday April 2nd, our friends at Bikes Not Bombs will be preparing a shipping container of bicycles and parts to send to El Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology (CESTA) in El Salvador. Shifts are roughly three hours each, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Sign up to volunteer at BNB’s Dorchester location at 10 Harvard Street!


We'll Miss You, Jason

Our Deputy Director Jason Desrosier has stepped away as of mid-March, and he is already greatly missed on the team. Executive Director Stacy Thompson has taken over managing the Great Neighborhoods Network. Any inquiries for Jason may be sent to Stacy instead at [email protected].



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