Issue #170 - September



Tour de Streets was amazing — thank you to everyone who participated!

a view of the tour de streets crowd, some of whom are sitting at picnic tables chatting & eating, some of whom are standing on the stone patio, at the charles river speedway. most of the people in the picture are wearing some orange.

We are so incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support for our annual fundraiser Tour de Streets, receiving over 300 donations totaling just over $50k! We had an amazing turnout at the Charles River Speedway, with almost 150 people attending — the space was filled with LivableStrets Staff, Board members, volunteers, partners, and friends. We’re so appreciative of everyone who helped make this event possible and showed up to celebrate and promote walkability and the joys of biking in the city. Check out incredible photos by Jenna Joyce and Selmon Rafey — and add your own — here!

Vote YES on Ballot Question 4 for Safer Roads

A crowd of people stand on the MA state house steps holding letters that spell #drivingMAforward

Last week, the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition released a statement in strong support of the Yes on 4 for Safer Roads campaign to uphold the common-sense law known as the Work and Family Mobility Act. This law was enacted earlier this year and allows qualified residents, regardless of immigration status, to apply for a standard driver’s license. As a Coalition focused on improving street safety, we know this law will meaningfully improve road safety for everyone, and will dignify all our residents with the freedom to travel safely and legally. A YES vote on ballot question 4 will:

  1. Support safe mobility access in our communities, ensuring that all workers and families can safely and legally make essential trips like dropping off kids at school and getting to work, medical appointments, the grocery store, and;
  2. Uphold the regulatory framework that ensures all drivers have passed a road test, bought insurance, and have a form of verified identification.

Read our full statement and learn more about how you can support the campaign here.

Thank You For Joining Us At Boston Open Streets!

the livablestreets table at boston open streets, featuring abby jamiel talking to pedestrians & a person in a wheelchair. in the foreground, next to the table, there is a wood lattice with lots of small notes of paper pinned all over it

The last of the City of Boston’s Open Streets event was held on Saturday, September 24th on Dorchester Ave. LivableStreets would like to thank Shana Bryant Consulting / Manifested Events, the City of Boston, and our partners at CultureHouse and TransitMatters for putting on such a fun event!

LivableStreets gave away over 300 free plants, reintroduced the DOT Greenway proposal to the community, and heard about what community members appreciate most about their favorite open spaces. LivableStreets and our partners have been working to move the DOT Greenway further into reality. Keep an ear out for ways to contribute in the coming months!

Boston to Increase Bike Lanes By 20% By 2025

four kids and two adults, one in front and one behind, bike along a city street. all are wearing helmets; the street has no bike infrastructure.

This month Mayor Wu announced a detailed plan on how the City of Boston will invest in bicycle infrastructure over the next three years.

Aiming to become one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the county, Boston plans to grow the bike network so that 50% of residents will be within a three-minute walk from a safe and connected bike route within the next three years. Other initiatives in the plan strive to grow bike share programs by 40%, build speed humps in 30 community zones, add 75 raised crosswalks around community assets, and help over 600 women gain confidence on bicycles.

To see how the city is closing gaps in the current network and where new bike spaces are being built, check out the plan to build a safer and more connected system.

We're still growing - looking for our next Emerald Network Project Manager

abby jamiel and a few other people standing on a grassy area adjacent to the path along the south bank of the charles river. everyone has their bikes, there are trees surrounding, and it's a sunny day.

We're looking for a new Emerald Network Project Manager! Abby Jamiel has been promoted to Director of the Emerald Network and now she needs program support. We've posted the job description and application instructions on our careers page — please send it around to your network!

In less than ten years, we've grown from having one full-time staffer to what will be, by the end of the year, a team of ten! The LivableStreets team is grateful for the support we've gotten from our members, donors, and partners to continue our work.


New Faces at LivableStreets

We can't be stopped - LivableStreets has three new faces on board! Read their full bios on our website, and drop them a line to welcome them to the LivableStreets team!

Transit + Streets Program Manager Maha Aslam comes to us from New York, and will be using her extensive planning experience & architectural training to provide technical expertise to our transit endeavors. Say hello at [email protected].    

Maha Aslam, a light-skinned Pakistanti-American woman with dark wavy hair and a blue denim jacket, is standing outside in front of a forested area and a beautiful blue sky. She leans her face on her hand, with her elbow and other arm on a stone ledge, and smiles at the viewer with her mouth closed.

Amrita Sawhney is our Greenways + Policy Analyst, supporting both the Public Policy and Emerald Network programs — stay tuned to hear more about her projects as they develop! You can say hi at [email protected].

Amrita, a young Indian-American woman with curly dark brown hair past her shoulders and wearing a puffy down jacket, looks over her right shoulder as she smiles at the viewer with her teeth showing. She is in what appears to be an outdoor market area.

And don't forget to say hello to Chinmai Deo, our new Great Neighborhoods Network Research Intern! He'll be helping Jason with the Great Neighborhoods Network, particularly in generating content for the updated Great Neighborhoods website. Welcome him at [email protected].

Chinmai Deo, a young man with medium-brown skin and dark hair in a ponytail and a tightly trimmed beard, leans against a ledge in front of a forested area and the sky at dawn. He is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and smiling at the viewer with his teeth showing.


As a policy, LivableStreets will only advertise opportunities that include salary or compensation information.


Thank you!

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