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Calling all Cambridge transit riders – Join new listserv to stay updated and speak up for transit improvements

Mass Ave north of Porter Square, with a focus on the separated bike and bus lanes. Overlaid at the top of the photo are the logos of Transit Matters and LivableStreets

Do you ride transit (bus, subway, commuter rail, the RIDE) in or through the City of Cambridge? There are many changes taking place in the City; these are critical, as many streets have previously been designed to move cars, not people. However, we have noticed that people who ride the bus or other forms of transit have not been part of many of these conversations. We are collaborating with our partners at Transit Matters to create a new listserv that will feature updates about projects and policies that impact transit. This will include opportunities to take action to ensure that people who ride transit have their needs heard and addressed in City and MBTA projects. Sign up here!

Big News for Fare-Free Bus Service!

an image of the fare box being removed from a bus; the fare box has a red circle with an x taped to it.

March 1st started fare-free bus pilots for the next two years for people riding in Boston on the 28, 23, and 29 buses and all buses in the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority. We at LivableStreets are excited to see these pilots start and last long enough to collect meaningful data to help answer more questions about what the future of fare-free bus service in Massachusetts should look like. Based on the pilots to date, we’ve seen that fare-free bus service: increases ridership, speeds up boarding times, leads to mode shift, and saves people money. Learn more about fare-free buses on our website.

Transit Equity Month + Rosa Parks’ Birthday

A b/w photo of Rosa Parks with the words \

In February, we celebrated Black History Month and Transit Equity Month! In 1976, February 4th was declared national Transit Equity Day to honor the birthday and legacy of Rosa Parks. We would like to take this opportunity to honor and commemorate Rosa Parks, an activist who so courageously shared her voice and will always be remembered. In remembering her birthday, we affirm that equity within public transit is a civil right, and rededicate ourselves to making public spaces more equitable for everyone.

The celebrations continue with Women’s History Month, taking place throughout March. Send us a message @StreetsBoston and tell us about your favorite women in the history of public transit equity!

ICYMI: Deadline Passes at the State House—here’s how transportation legislation stands

The Massachusetts State House gate and steps

Last month on February 2nd, it was Joint Rule 10 day at the State House— the deadline by which all legislation needed to be acted on in some way, whether that was sending legislation to study, reporting it out favorably, or granting extensions. Since then there have been some exciting updates on where transportation legislation stands. Here are just a few:

  • The Work and Family Mobility Act was passed in the House, and is now in the Senate for a vote. Contact your Senator here in support of this legislation!
  • An Act to Reduce Traffic Fatalities was reported favorably out of the transportation committee, and the new draft of this bill is onto the Senate Ways and Means Committee.
  • Low Income Transit Fares was reported favorably out of the transportation committee, and the new draft is onto the House Ways and Means committee.

Check out our policy page to learn more about all of our priorities!

Transportation Video Projects

A screenshot of the City of Boston \

Some of our transportation partners in Boston have made a number of excellent videos to share stories about things that are overlooked or not understood.

First, there is the Women Who Bike At Night documentary by Boston cycling advocate Grecia White. The documentary features LivableStreets' very own board member Vivian Ortiz! Check out the article about it on StreetsBlog Mass.

And the City of Boston is getting in on the video scene as well. Since December 2021, staff in the Office of New Urban Mechanics have been starring in a series called What the Tech?, in which they talk about how different pieces of technology on city streets work and why. These include photocells on streetlights, pedestrian buttons, and other things you may spot as you walk down the street. The City's YouTube channel has a lot more videos, so make sure to check it out!


LivableStreets in the Globe

The muddy river in the back bay
Photo from Muddy River wiki

Check out Program Director Ambar Johnson's letter to the editor in the Boston Globe in response to an article about daylighting underground rivers. She cites the importance of our rivers to the character of the Boston area, and how crucial they are in establishing a connected network of greenways for all to enjoy – read it here to learn more!



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