Issue #154 - October



Issue #154 - October 2020


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Statement Regarding Catastrophic Proposed MBTA Service Cuts

We recently released a joint statement with a broad coalition to push back on MBTA service cuts, and advocate for the state legislature to take action on transportation funding. Our key asks include:

  • Do not rush into service cuts;
  • Advance affordability for the MBTA; and
  • Do not lose momentum on critical and transformative capital projects.

Read the statement and be ready to take action in the upcoming weeks/months.

Comments for Allston I-90 Project Due Today

Image: Project Area via MassDOT

Today is the final day to submit comments on the potential design for the Allston Multimodal Improvement Project. Before the end of the year, MassDOT will select a "preferred alternative" design for the narrow "throat" section of the project before continuing the state and federal permitting process. 

A large and growing coalition of community, environmental, transportation, and business groups SUPPORT the selection of the modified at-grade plan as the best choice for the project, and OPPOSE the highway viaduct, modified hybrid, and no build alternatives. We need your help to submit comments in support of the "Modified All-At-Grade" design before the end of the day.

Please email comments to [email protected] and cc: [email protected].

Better Buses Update: LivableStreets Launched Shared Bus-Bike Lane Report + Hosted Safety Webinar with Partners!

Our new report, Tight Spot, shares our thinking about where and how shared bus-bike lanes work best to keep people riding their bikes safe and help buses move efficiently. Key takeaways from this report include:

  • The shared bus-bike lanes that have been most successful are the ones that improved conditions for both people riding the bus and biking.
  • While shared infrastructure is not as beneficial as separated and protected facilities for buses and bikes, existing shared bus-bike lane projects in Metro Boston have positively contributed to modeshift and feelings of perceived safety by those riding their bikes.
  • Shared bus-bike lanes should only be implemented on constrained corridors, where separated bus and bike infrastructure cannot fit.

We also hosted a webinar about bus and bike safety and how to safely share the road. We were joined by our partners at MassBike, the MBTA, and Allston Brighton Health Collaborative. Watch the recording here!

Mobility Improvements in Somerville + Street Ambassador Opportunity

The City of Somerville has been hard at work on multi-modal projects this fall. These projects include implementing sections of shared bus-bike lanes, and safer bike and pedestrian infrastructure. Learn more about these projects:

Do you want to take part in the outreach to support these efforts? Volunteer as a Street Ambassador! This fall, Street Ambassadors will be sharing info and collecting feedback about a couple of key projects in Somerville. Safety is a top priority and all outreach will be physically distant. To join in please email Kristiana, [email protected].

Thanks for celebrating Tour de Streets with us!

We are overwhelmed by the support we received in September for Tour de Streets. Thanks to you we surpassed our fundraising goal, raising $53,218 to help support us kickstart another 15 years of advocacy!

We can't wait to see what the next 15 years brings us!


Save the Date for our Annual December StreetTalk!

Our annual December StreetTalk is still on this year! Save the date for the evening of Tuesday, December 8th for a night of transportation talk. We’re hard at work coming up with the best virtual format for this signature event. We will be partnering with GBH Forum Network to make the magic happen. Stay tuned for more details!



  • Online Communications Intern, LivableStreets: LivableStreets is looking for an intern who has experience with front-end web development, social media, and/or analytics for a three-month internship in 2021. Read the job description here; to apply, email [email protected].
  • Multiple Positions, City of Somerville: The City of Somerville is hiring for these positions:
    • Admin Assistant: Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development is hiring an Admin Assistant to support the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Historic Preservation Commission. Learn more + apply here.
    • Inclusionary Housing Specialist: The Inclusionary Housing Specialist is responsible for assisting in the work of the City’s Inclusionary Housing program and other tasks as needed to support the work of the City’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSPCD) Housing division. Learn more + apply here.
  • Housing Manager, City of Lawrence: The City of Lawrence is seeking a Housing Manager to oversee the City’s policies and programs to create and preserve both market and affordable housing. Learn more + apply here.
  • Environmental Justice Legal Services Advisory Board Members, ACE: ACE is looking for lawyers to join their Environmental Justice Legal Services Advisory Board. This role entails about an hour or two per quarter, and asks members to use their legal expertise to help ACE take a deeper look at their legal strategy and vet potential cases. To learn more, sign up here to speak with Sofia Owens, Staff Attorney at ACE.
  • Multiple Positions, Community Action Works: Community Action Works is hiring for the following positions:
  • Campaign Organizer, Environmental League of Massachusetts: ELM is hiring a Campaign Organizer to run a campaign program to elect climate leaders to Municipal Light Plant (MLP) Boards across Massachusetts. Learn more + apply here.

Thank you!

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