Issue #149 - April

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Issue #149 - April 2020




Responding to COVID-19

On March 18th we released our response to COVID-19 and highlighted a few important resources -- visit our website to learn more. Since then, we have been lending a lot of thought to how the current public health and economic crisis impacts our work and all of the longstanding inequities that it illuminates. We’re launching a blog series to explore the challenges and opportunities facing mobility right now. Please join us as we create space for staff to think out loud during the critical time we are facing: read the first blog post in our series here.

Congress Agrees to $25 Billion for Transit

An MBTA bus stops at a bus stop; some people board the bus; there is also a bicycle attached to the front

Transit agencies' revenue is plummeting due to unprecedented drops in ridership, reduced economic activity, and increased costs to keep personnel and essential riders (including healthcare workers) safe. After an outpouring of support from advocates around the country, congressional leaders and the White House agreed to a $2 trillion COVID-19 economic stabilization plan that includes $25 billion in emergency direct assistance to transit agencies.

This is a huge victory - thanks to the many of you who reached out to your members of Congress! This legislation will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional federal assistance for the MBTA, and significant financial support for Regional Transit Authorities statewide. This is important for people who rely on public transportation, and people who operate and maintain our trains, buses, tracks and stations.

Members of Congress need to know we appreciate their hard work to include transit. Please send a thank you to your members of Congress today—and remind them to continue fighting for transit in the months ahead.

For more information about this legislation, please see this article from the Eno Center for Transportation, and this blog post from our allies at Transportation for America.

MBTA Responds to COVID-19

An empty green line car with a sign telling passengers to create space; the sign is on a piece of rope that cordons off the front of the car where the operator sits
Image credit: MBTA

On the local level, the MBTA has adopted several measures to support physical distancing and protect the health of riders and employees. Beyond increased cleaning and sanitization and adjusted service levels on each line to accommodate ridership levels, the MBTA implemented rear-door boarding on all MBTA buses and trolleys at street-level stops on the Green Line and Mattapan Line.

We applaud the MBTA for taking measures to protect employees while maintaining access to transit for healthcare personnel and other essential workers. Learn more about what the MBTA is doing to respond to COVID-19 here.

MBTA Moves Forward Consolidation of Stops on Green Line B Branch

Illustration of a proposed Green Line stop
Image credit: MBTA

We're cheering for the news that the MBTA finalized plans last month to consolidate four stops on the Green Line's B branch. Currently, these stations are very close together, and are not ADA accessible. The elimination of four stations and construction of two new stations will speed up service, ensure full accessibility for people with disabilities, and provide a more pleasant waiting experience at the new platforms. The MBTA plans to begin construction this fall and finish in about one year. To learn more about the project, check out this Boston Globe article and the MBTA’s project webpage.

Go Boston 2030 Progress Report Launch

The front cover of the Go Boston 2030 report

Last month, we released "Not on a Shelf: Reporting on the City of Boston's Progress on Go Boston 2030." The report includes key findings, recommendations, and deep dives into key projects, including Better Bike Corridors. To check out key findings or read the full report, click here.

We engaged hundreds of viewers for our report launch via livestream -- in case you missed it, you can check out the recorded livestream here. Check out coverage of the progress report from the Boston Globe here and StreetsblogMASS here.

Seeking Board Members and Committee Members

LivableStreets is seeking board and committee members with knowledge or interest in one or more of the following areas: community organizing, policy development, fundraising, or strategic planning. In particular, we’re seeking a potential new board member who has financial expertise and is interested in serving as the Treasurer of the Board. LivableStreets board and committee members enjoy camaraderie, mentorship, and skill-sharing while taking a proactive role in driving the planning and priorities of our organization.

Please reach out to our Board Chair, Brian Sant at [email protected] if you or someone you know is interested in joining our board, internal committee, or external committee.


  • CIC, Mobility Innovation Hub Executive Director: CIC is seeking a dynamic and passionate Executive Director (ED) to launch our forthcoming Mobility Innovation Hub, a new public benefit corporation which has the goal to foster and speed innovation in the mobility and transportation sectors globally. To learn more and apply, click here.
  • 350 Mass, Digital Organizer & Communications Specialist: The Digital Organizer & Communications Specialist will support the statewide volunteer network of 350 Mass in using communications and digital tools for on-the-ground actions and in-person meetings as well as decentralized statewide campaigns. To learn more and apply, click here.
  • Brookline Bicycle Advisory Committee, Member: The Transportation Board is looking for Brookline residents interested in cycling to serve as members of the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC), which advises the Transportation Board on matters related to cycling for commuting, general mobility and pleasure, with an emphasis on safety, education of the public, and bicycle access. Interested candidates should send a copy of their resume and a letter of interest to Todd Kirrane at [email protected] no later than April 27, 2020.
  • Friends of Fairsted, Board Member: Bicyclist Friends and Olmsted Fans: The Friends of Fairsted, the non-profit group that supports the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline – where he and his colleagues worked for many years – is looking for bicyclists who appreciate and use public spaces, particularly parks and bikeways, to serve on their board. If you are interested in applying, please contact Pat Suhrcke at [email protected].

Thank you!

Check out the following resources to learn more about what we've been up to lately!

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  • StreetFilms: Watch videos highlighting our advocacy and events.
  • Greenway Stories: Join us as we explore greenway successes and challenges around the Boston area.

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