Issue #137 - April

Issue #137 - April StreetLife: Youthful Consultants, MBTA's New Sponsorship Deal, and Boston Beats LA



Issue #137- April 2019



Cribside Consulting Group Hired to Address Issues Facing Most Vulnerable Users

Image: Pixaby

LivableStreets is announcing a new partnership with a group of young consultants who have been known to refer to Metro Boston’s transportation system as “one loaded diaper.”

Cribside founder Baby Joey says: “When cities start listening to their most vulnerable street users, especially babies, toddlers, and the young at heart, all will benefit. My people are out there constantly, pointing out design flaws from their UppaBaby and City Mini strollers, smiling at strangers to boost New England street morale.”

LivableStreets hopes that by working with Cribside's toddler team, municipalities will recognize the need to focus on the simple building blocks that make a street a better experience for everyone. “And these don’t need to be expensive building blocks,” says LivableStreets Executive Director Stacy Thompson. “As Cribside knows, you can do a lot with some good paint, cones, and even Legos.” Click here to learn more about Cribside Consulting Group. 

MBTA Has a New Name, Thanks to AriZona Iced Tea Deal

As part of the sponsorship, the existing MBTA system will be rebranded as “MBTeaA” starting this spring. Fares for the subway, bus, and commuter rail will be set at ninety-nine cents going forward, as the revenue gap is covered by the company.The MBTA is changing its name as part of a deal with the AriZona Beverage Company, producer of the popular AriZona Iced Tea.

A spokesperson from AriZona Beverage Company cited Representative Tommy Vitolo’s comments at a February public hearing to discuss proposed fare hikes as the catalyst for the deal: “It has cost 99 cents for 18 years. Eighteen years,” Vitolo said about the price of the tea. “And what the good people of AriZona Iced Tea figured out, is if you don’t improve the quality of the tea, you don’t raise the price of the tea.”

“We take pride in the affordability of our drinks,” said the spokesperson from AriZona. “And now the MBTeaA can take pride in keeping their fares affordable too.” Click here to learn more about the new sponsorship deal. 

City of Boston Holds Victory Parade for Congestion Championship

Parade photo by GETTY | Illustration by LivableStreets 

When news broke of Boston winning the title for worst rush hour traffic nationwide -- beating Los Angeles for the first time ever -- in the 2018 INRIX report, Boston residents all began asking the same question: When is the victory parade?

Within days, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced the news, saying that it was once again time to “fire up the duck boats” for a parade.

New England residents came out in force to celebrate, clogging up highways and residential streets for miles around. “I couldn’t even make it to the parade,” said one Allston resident. “I was stuck in traffic on I-90.”

“Everyone was streaming the parade on their phones from their cars on I-93,” said a woman from Randolph. “The excitement in the air was palpable despite the exhaust smog. Maybe next time we win I’ll take an Uber.” 

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady weighed in on the win, saying “I used to bike everywhere with my wife and kids, but when I learned I could help us win another championship I switched exclusively to traveling by duck boat.” 

Click here to see photos from the victory parade.

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