Fairmount Greenway (re)visioning

The Fairmount Greenway Task Force is organizing a (re)visioning meeting to invite friends of the project to help shape the future of the Fairmount Greenway.

Current Issues + Challenges
  1. Fairmount Greenway Priority Parcels: One of the biggest challenges for the Fairmount Greenway has been long-term ownership and maintenance for the pilot parcels, as well as funding to construct the parcels.
  2. Fairmount Greenway route project stewardship: Should the Fairmount Greenway Task Force continue working on the Fairmount Greenway route or should another group with an aligned mission take on the initiative?
Goals for the meeting
  1. Identify clear and actionable next steps / smart goals for the Fairmount Greenway and Task Force.
  2. Identify clear and actionable next steps for partner organizations to support the Fairmount Greenway.  
  3. Identify new partners and funders who can help move the project forward.
  4. Identify stronger framing for the Fairmount Greenway  
Why we need you

Because you’re awesome! And because we know that no great project is created in a vacuum. We need your creativity, ideas, and connections to help the Fairmount Greenway succeed.

  • February 05, 2016 at 9:00am – 12pm
  • Michelle Moon