Can The T Be Fixed?

The MBTA has had a string of high-profile incidents in the past few months, from a Green Line crash in July that sent 27 people to the hospital, to the tragic death of a man who fell from a rusted, closed-off staircase near the JFK/UMass stop, to a Red Line derailment at Broadway station that fortunately did not result in any injuries.

Jim Braude was joined on Greater Boston by Rep. Bill Straus, co-chair of the State House’s Joint Committee on Transportation; and Stacy Thompson, the executive director of the Livable Streets Alliance.

Both Straus and Thompson emphasized their confidence in the T’s safety, but said there is room for improvement in improving service.

“It’s safer to get on the T than it is to get in a car and go on the highway,” Thompson said. “By and large, the T is safe. But that does not excuse preventable accidents on the system. We can and need to do more.”