Bike Friday - August

(from the Boston Bikes Event Page)

Bike Fridays will take place on April 24th, June 26th, July 24th, & August 28th.

Register now! The events are free, but it helps to know you’re coming.

What is Bike Friday?

Bike Fridays are our way of saying, “Thanks for riding your bike today.” We think it’s important to celebrate everyone who rides in Boston, and we want to make it easier for new riders to start commuting. On one Friday a month throughout the summer, we host a big party for cyclists at City Hall, and we make it easy for you to get here by bike.

On Bike Friday, you can join a bike commuter convoy from one of dozens of locations throughout the Boston metro area. Safe guided convoys with experienced ride leaders will follow a fixed schedule and route and finish together at City Hall Plaza in Boston. Because you rode your bike, you’ll get a free breakfast and coffee courtesy of Boloco, set to music amid an expo at City Hall Plaza. Join a convoy, or just show up for the fun at City Hall Plaza.

Registration is free and encouraged so we know to expect you.

Breakfast is only for cyclists, so please be prepared to show us your bike, helmet, Hubway key, or spandex.

General Schedule:

6:45 AM Meet with convoy.
7:00 AM Convoys depart (except from Needham).
7:30 — 8:30 AM Convoys finish at City Hall Plaza.
7:00 — 9:00 AM Free breakfast and expo.

*Exact times will vary by route. See detailed list of convoy stops and times for exact times*

See the route map with schedule.


We need a big team of volunteers for these events, and it is so fun to participate. You can volunteer as a ride leader or as a host at City Hall Plaza. See our Bike Fridays volunteers page for more information.


E-mail [email protected] to inquire about booth space, providing product samples, or hosting a free services tent (food, bike repair, or anything else that’s fun and relevant).