ROC Green Line Field Trip

The MBTA Rider Oversight Committee (ROC) invites you on a Green Line Field Trip to tour the Green Line stops proposed for consolidation on

Sunday, February 28, 2010

12:00 PM

Meet at Kenmore Station (outbound Green Line platform)
500 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Feel free to bring along kids or any friends or colleagues who are interested. The event should be done in 2 hours or less; actual duration will obviously depend on our walking speed and luck with the Green Line.

--- Tour Alternatives ---

For interested parties who can't make the scheduled time, we can either arrange a second trip, or you can visit the area at your own convenience. If you can't make it in person, you might also be interested in a virtual tour on, where the Street View option (drag and drop the yellow person onto a location of interest after zooming in) shows you what it would look like walking around.

--- Tour Details ---

Recommended walking + riding route:
* Ride B branch from Kenmore to Packard's Corner. (Scheduled departure every 10 minutes.)
* Walk back from Packard's Corner to Kenmore along Commonwealth Avenue.
* Ride C branch from Kenmore to Coolidge Corner. (Scheduled departure every 10 minutes.)
* Walk back from Coolidge Corner to Kenmore along Beacon Street.

Alternative fast non-walking route:

* Ride B branch from Kenmore to Harvard Ave. (Scheduled departure every 10 minutes.)
* Ride 66 bus from Harvard Ave to Coolidge Corner. (12:28pm, 12:48pm scheduled departures.)
* Ride C branch from Coolidge Corner to Kenmore. (Scheduled departure every 10 minutes.)

It helps remember the geography to note that the branch letters vs. street names are swapped - it's the B on Commonwealth Avenue and the C on Beacon Street. (But the endpoints match - B Boston College and C Cleveland Circle).

The MBTA Rider Oversight Committee (ROC), a diverse group of riders, advocates and MBTA employees, provides recommendations to the MBTA that communicate the needs and concerns of all riders in order to assist the MBTA in providing affordable, safe and quality service.