Public Meeting for Mass Ave Corridor Plan in East Arlington

Public Meeting for Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Plan in East Arlington

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7:00 PM

Arlington Town Hall Auditorium
730 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476

Please put the 22nd on your calendars. Supporters of the plan will need to show up to balance out and exceed the numbers of those opposed to the current plan who are likely to show up in significant numbers. For a refresher on EALS Coalition's position on the submitted 25% plan (since changed but only modestly in all likelihood), please go to:

Mass Ave: People Friendly Main Street OR Commuter Cut Throught?
Voice your support for safety over traffic speed!

The Town of Arlington was awarded $4.5 million of federal and state money to develop safety improvements and calmer traffic along Mass Ave in East Arlington. The Selectmen’s adopted plan proposes three traffic lanes along parts of Mass Ave with additional turn lanes on the approaches to Lake Street, Rt. 16 and other key side streets. Also included are safer and more- numerous crosswalks, bike lanes and assorted streetscape improvements such as new lighting and street trees. Please support the Plan at MassDOT’s pub- lic hearing anticipated in the Fall.

Pedestrian Safety – In the late ‘90s, two pedestrians were struck and killed in separate incidents while trying to cross Mass Ave. More frequent crosswalks that traverse three, rather than four, lanes will increase safety for walkers, especially the elderly and children.

Business District – Proposed changes to Mass Ave will make Capitol Square a stronger destination, drawing roughly 10,000 people that live within a 15 minute walking distance.

Curb-side Parking – Nearly ALL legal parking spaces will be retained on Mass Ave with new ones in select areas.

Traffic Flow – 2005, 2008 and 2009 traffic counts and analysis have shown that 3+ lanes provides adequate capacity and will not overburden Mass Ave or neighborhood side streets; left and right turn lanes to Lake Street will improve traffic flow and safety.

Bike Safety – Bike lanes will give cyclists a space of their own and keep them off sidewalks (they also make pulling into parking spots easier, and provide more space for buses to pull out of traffic).

Street Beautification – New lighting, bus shelters, street trees, wider sidewalks in strategic locations, benches and trash cans will beautify Mass Ave and enhance property values.

The federal and state money available for this project will eliminate the need to use tax dollars from Arlington residents to repave and repair Mass Ave for 15-20 more years. The $4.5 million dollars will also bring construction jobs and economic development to our community for the estimated year of construction (starting in Spring of 2012). When complete in 2013, our community’s main street will be a safer place to walk, bike and drive and become a stronger commercial destination for East Arlington and beyond.

For more information, please contact Phil Goff, co-chair, at [email protected] or see