Dorchester Avenue Zoning Update

Wednesday, September 28th - 6:30pm
@ Viet-AID, 42 Charles Street, Dorchester [map]

Boston Redevelopment Authority invites you to...

In 2010 the BRA, in collaboration with a Mayor-appointed Advisory Group, initiated a zoning update process for Dorchester Avenue. After one year of work, this second community meeting will provide a status update at the midpoint of the two-year process. We plan to solicit feedback from the community at large on the issues and opportunities relevant to the zoning the code for Dorchester Avenue.

Overall initiative objectives include:

  • Provide zoning recommendations for the incorporation of Dorchester Avenue zoning regulations into the general Dorchester neighborhood zoning regulations.
  • Correct inconsistencies between the current Dorchester Avenue and Dorchester zoning districts.
  • Where appropriate, update the zoning along Dorchester Avenue to reflect current and potential future land uses.
  • Final result: consolidated Dorchester zoning regulations.

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