Brookline Ave & Palace Rd Proposed Bicycling Improvements Public Meeting

Thursday, October 4th - 6:00-8:00p
@ Yawkey Center at Dana-Farber, Room 306, 450 Brookline Avenue, Boston [map]

What are the project limits and scope? The bicycle facilities being discussed are on BrooklineAvenue from The Fenway to The Riverway and Palace Road from Longwood Ave to The Fenway.

Both bicycle facilities will provide a better connection for bicyclists traveling to and from the LongwoodMedical Area. This area, which includes numerous schools and hospitals, is one of the largestdestinations for cyclists in the City of Boston.

Design Concepts: Brookline Avenue
The concept being proposed on Brookline Avenue is to install bike lanes in both directions, wherefeasible, and shared lane markings (also known as “sharrow” markings) on limited segments of thestreet.

  • The standard 5’ bicycle lane provides an exclusive area for the bicyclist using paint and/orthermoplastic. In some areas, a 2’ hatched out buffer will be provided between the bicycle laneand travel lane.
  • Shared lane markings or “sharrows” are markings placed within a travel lane to indicate tomotorists that bicycles are present in the area and show bicyclists a good riding position on theroadway.
  • The concepts require removal of metered parking directly in adjacent to Simmons College onthe outbound side and on the inbound side in front of the Yawkey Center at Dana Farber Centerfor Cancer Research.
  • The concept also includes a “bike box” outbound on Brookline Avenue at Longwood Avenue.The bike box is a designated space for bicyclists to queue behind the crosswalk and in front ofstopped cars during a red light in order to make a left-turn.

Design Concepts: Palace Road
The concept being proposed on Palace Road is to install shared lane markings (also known as “sharrow”markings) along the roadway.

What about safety? Bicycle lanes are proven to make the roads safer for all users. All proposed planswould improve safety in the following ways.

  • Designate a safe riding zone for bicyclists;
  • rovide sufficient room for buses and shuttles along and at bus stops on Brookline Avenue;
  • Provide guidance for vehicles wishing to pass bicyclists;
  • Encourage cars to drive at slower and at safer speeds;
  • Encourage bicyclists to be more respectful and predictable; and,
  • Make pedestrians and drivers more aware of the presence of bicyclists.

What does the City do for education and enforcement? The City supports facilities through educationand enforcement campaigns instructing users on the rules of the road for bicyclists and drivers. BostonPolice are a key partner to the Boston Bikes Program.