Bike Share Zoning Planning Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 26, 7:00 PM
@Cambridge City Hall Annex, 2nd Floor Meeting Room, 344 Broadway, Cambridge [map]

Letters can be sent to:
Cambridge Planning Board
c/o Liza Paden
Community Development Dept.
344 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
[email protected]

The Planning Board of the City of Cambridge will hold a public hearing on a zoning petition by the City Council to amend the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Cambridge to create Public Bicycle-Sharing Stations as part of the City’s new regional bike-share program. The proposed amendment is as follows:

1. In Section 2.000 – Definitions, create new definitions:

Public Bicycle-Sharing Service. A system operated under the auspices of a program administered and/or approved by the City of Cambridge whose function is to provide the general public with opportunities to rent bicycles on a short-term basis for use within the city or region.

Public Bicycle-Sharing Station. A bicycle sharing facility placed of constructed by a Public Bicycle-Sharing Service o public or private property where bicycles are stored and from which members of the public may rent bicycles as part of a Public Bicycle-Sharing Service including objects or equipment necessary for or appurtenant to its operation.

2. And amend the definition of Gross Floor Area shall not include: (14) Public Bicycle-Sharing Stations.

3. Amend Section 4.30 Table of Use Regulations by creating a new use category in Section 4.32:

k. Public Bicycle-Sharing Station – yes in all columns.

4. Amend Section 5.24 Yards by inserting into 5.24.1 the following sentence after the second sentence.

In addition, objects or equipment located in a required yard that are necessary for or appurtenant to a Public Bicycle-Sharing Station shall not be considered obstructions.

5. Amend Section 6.49 Design of Bicycle Parking Spaces by inserting the following sentence at the end of the paragraph.

Public Bicycle-Sharing Stations shall not be subject to the design regulations for this Section 6.49.

6. Amend Section 7.16.1 Exempt, Temporary and Noncommercial Signs by creating a new exemption as follows:

7.16.11.A. 9. Signage necessary or appurtenant to the placement or operation of a Public Bicycle-Sharing Station (All illumination permitted.)